Leading by example


It’s encouraging to see that our Chief Minister is leaving a very good example for all of us to follow. It has been said that humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but rather thinking about ourselves less. Not taking away anything from our Chief Minister’s exemplary actions, it is good to further unpack what leading by example could imply. Firstly leaders who lead by example are those who are willing to take responsibility for their actions, and stay away from the general tendency of playing the blame game. They understand the huge amount of trust deficit that can come about through blaming. Secondly, they also seem to possess extraordinary courage to go through fire, even if it means losing their very own life. Thirdly they are people who are not afraid to delegate responsibilities to those with better abilities. Fourthly they possess a beautiful quality of being slow to speak and quick to listen. Fifthly they are people who focus more of their attention and energy on ideas and strategies that will help to create solutions, rather than being bogged down by unnecessary problems. Finally, leaders who lead by example do not really mind who gets the credit as long as the job gets done. Our state is in desperate need of more leaders like these.

Yours etc.,

Pyndapbha Warjri

Shillong- 2

Solve the traffic problem


In these past weeks during my conversation with a number of people from Shillong and those staying outside, we have come to reconcile to ourselves to the fact that Shillong roads aren’t meant to handle the massive amount of traffic that is being thrown every day, day in and day out. It is very stressful and frustrating to see traffic marshals and traffic managers wrangling over this issue which the current coalition government should have addressed as a long term issue instead of applying band-aid methods for short term benefits. It is not only disgraceful but  shameful as well that these very same coalition partners in the present government promised everything during elections but forget about easing the daily lives of the common people. Yet they have the audacity to say that all is well. They have no vision, no long term solution and above all they lack the political will to enact changes because for them the road is like a honeymoon trip complete with pilot and escort vehicles. For a change why don’t they walk and travel in public transports so that they can experience the pangs that common people go through?

Yours etc.

Dominic S.Wankhar


Snooping via WhatsApp


Close on the heels of the revelation of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee that her phone was tapped by two governments including one ruled by the BJP, the WhatsApp snoop-gate controversy took a new turn on Sunday with the Congress claiming that the phones of three Opposition leaders, including Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi were hacked. It may be recalled that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday had leveled an explosive allegation that her phone was tapped while she was speaking to media persons in the afternoon on the sidelines of the Chhat puja celebrations at Hastings in Kolkata.

As further developments to WhatsApp snoop-gate controversy, the Congress media in-charge Randeep Surjewala also made the disclosure when he was asked if any party leaders were alerted by WhatsApp that they were targets of an alleged snooping operation involving Israeli spyware Pegasus. Surjewala said, “WhatsApp supposedly sent messages to different people whose phones were hacked. One such message was also received from WhatsApp on the telephone of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.”

The government is tight-lipped on this raging issue and the silence the government  maintains on this issue has spawned much speculation that something fishy is going on. Meanwhile, the Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group makes it clear that its Pegasus spyware is only sold to government agencies. At this juncture, Surjewala asked the Modi government to reveal who bought and deployed it and who authorized the purchase. Charging the government of being involved in the breach Surjewala said, “It is, thus, clear that government and its agencies bought the spyware. It could neither be bought nor deployed by any private operator.”

Last week, Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, alleged that Israeli cyber security company NSO used WhatsApp servers to spread spyware Pegasus. However, WhatsApp said that it was suing NSO Group, an Israeli surveillance firm, which is reportedly behind the technology that helped unnamed entities’ (spies) to hack into phones. The Congress spokesperson asked why the government had remained silent although it was alerted to the hack in April-May 2019, before the general election.

Since allegations of phone tapping are coming from different corners, the Centre has to come out openly with a statement as to the veracity of the allegations. If the government continues to be reticent, then the allegations of the Opposition parties will have to be construed as genuine.

Yours etc.,

TK Nandanan,

Via email

Kudos Laban Shiv Mandir Kali Puja Committee


Through your esteemed daily I would like to thank the organisers and members of the Laban Shiv Mandir Kali Puja Committee who celebrated its Golden Jubilee recently on completing 50 years (1969 – 2019). To mark the occasion the committee launched a Souvenir named ‘Aradhana’ on October 30, evening, in a ceremonial gathering in the Assam Club premises. To express its gracious gesture, the Committee felicitated the dignitaries present, along with the authors and poets who contributed to the Souvenir, in a very dignified manner. This is something very new and exceptional regarding Puja souvenirs in Shillong. Felicitation is nothing but recognition which encourages those felicitated to contribute more sincerely to the society. The Laban Shiv Mandir Kali Puja Committee deserves credit and applause for setting such an exemplary felicitation to the literary workers of the society.

I wish the Shiv Mandir Kali Puja Committee a very long and prosperous journey.

Yours etc

     Uma Purkayastha

    Shillong – 4

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