U- turn of NPP prevents exodus plan of MLAs

SHILLONG: The U-turn of NPP on CAB may cost the party dearly in the days to come as some of the Congress MLAs, who were thinking to align themselves with the party, are now reconsidering their decision.
The NPP and its leaders, including Chief Minister Conrad Sangma and Tura MP Agatha Sangma are facing the wrath of the people for their soft stand on CAB.
While Agatha surprisingly supported the bill, the chief minister has come under severe criticism for softening government’s stand on the CAB as he recently said that their concerns on the CAB have been addressed to a great extent by the Central government.
A Congress legislator, who was in the group to join the NPP on Thursday, told The Shillong Times that he has temporarily kept his plan on hold due to the ongoing situation.
Admitting that the NPP is in trouble in Meghalaya, the legislator said that now they have to rethink their plans and they would have to analyse the situation very carefully before making any move to join the NPP.
Earlier, as many as 10 Congress MLAs in the state were planning to shift their allegiance to NPP.
The legislator also said that now all the MLAs who were planning to join NPP and other parties are giving a second thought on their move. Another MLA who was also keen to join a regional party in the state said that they were waiting to see the stand of the particular regional party on the issue of CAB before making any move.
The Congress MLAs time and again had expressed their willingness to join NPP and other regional parties but never admitted it openly.
Earlier, it was informed that the number of MLAs who wanted to leave Congress had reached almost 10 and they were looking for three more MLAs to avoid the provisions of the anti defection law.

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