Federation of Khasi States demands resolution on instrument of accession

SHILLONG: The Federation of Khasi States (FKS) has urged Chief Minister Conrad Sangma to pass a resolution urging the Centre to incorporate the annexation treaty terms of the Instrument of Accession of August 17, 1948 within the Constitution as a permanent solution to decades of conflict with central legislation.
In a letter to the chief minister, John F Kharshiing, adviser & spokesperson of the Federation of Khasi States brought to the attention of all the MLAs, MDCs and MPs regarding the need on the part of Meghalaya Assembly to also pass a official resolution urging the Centre to incorporate the annexation treaty terms of the  Instrument of Accession.
He said in April 2012, the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) also passed directives to the Ministry of Home Affairs to incorporate the Instrument of Accession & Annexed Agreement (IOA & AA) within the Constitution of India. This is yet to be done inspite of numerous reminders to the MHA from the NCST.
The MHA had written to the state government on September 25 2014, October 14, and November 27 of the same year seeking a status report. However, state government is yet to respond.
According to Kharshiing, the Federation of Khasi States knows well that sixth schedule cannot protect the traditions and institutions and especially the land laws and the result of which was the series of agitations since the existence of the Constitution of India from January 26 1950 after which the Khasi States faced the first teargas and lathi charge on June 27 1952.  “Since then for the last 69 years we have been faced with onslaught of central Indian legislation in total violation of the treaty terms of the annexed agreements under the Instrument of Accession”, he said. Clause 5 of the IOA & AA clearly defines restriction of Indian legislation on the Khasi States including the unconstitutional Municipality of Shillong and the Cantonment.
“The Federation of Khasi States did not sign the Instrument of Merger.  Infact since records prove that the 25 Khasi States did not sign the Instrument of Merger, the central legislation is totally restricted to the treaty terms of the Khasis”, he said.
According to Kharshiing, in order to achieve the objectives, all the 60 MLAs should jointly pass an official resolution in Meghalaya Assembly to urge the Centre to incorporate the annexation treaty terms.
The Federation of Khasi States has been calling on all political parties to fulfill their promises to address the IOA & AA but there was no response.
“The FKS had earlier called for notification of the ILP throughout the state and today we are encouraged by the government’s decision to pass a resolution to this effect”, Kharshiing said.
He said besides adopting a resolution on the ILP, another resolution should be on the Instrument of Accession and Annexed Agreement in accordance with treaty terms under clause 5 of the Instrument of Accession keeping in mind the spirit of Section 7 of the Indian Independence Act 1947.

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