December 2019

Looking all around, I see
Chaos, bloodshed, bombs and guns;
The world right now is topsy-turvy
Human race is in destruction.

Potent leaders instigate a war.
States are in confederation.
People protesting in galore,
United for an abrogation.

Nonetheless, I see a ray of hope,
A streak of golden light.
Though humanity’s walking
on a tightrope,
Peace and tranquility comes at midnight.

Mebaphylla Rymshon

Bye bye 2019

The year 2019 is fading out,
It was eventful, no doubt,
In Pulwama, CRPF men
breathed their last,
When a suicide bomber car perished them in a blast,
With air strike, India retaliated,
Jaish and LeT camps in Balakot were decimated,
Modi held reigns again,
It was UPA’s loss, NDA’s gain,
In ICC Cricket World Cup 2019,
India lost the race,
England emerged the winner
with brave face,
Almost the entire country
faced heavy rains, wet spell continued
with unseasonal rains,
Crops destroyed, food production went out of gear,
Prices of essentials onion brought tears,
Article 371 was out, making J & K full part of India,
People rejoiced pan-India,
But CAA/NRC put country on the boil,
Anti-protests led to turmoil,
Country continued to face slow down,
Economy slumped and GDP came down,
The five trillion dollar is Modi’ mission,
But it is beset with many omissions,
Many acts were brought
to dispel eve’s fear,
But “Nirbhayas” continued to be hounded by fear,
Space sector went into Mission 2.0 mode bringing cheers,
But joy subsided when “Vikram Lander” went out of gear,
Pak violated cease fire 2100 times and has continued to strike,
India wonders whether Pak is inviting one more “surgical strike”,
Let’s hope that the leap year 2020,
Will be full of sparkle and gaiety.

Raju Vernekar

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