Appointment of MS Rao as CS


The appointment of Mr MS Rao, IAS as Chief Secretary of Meghalaya is legitimate as holds the rank of Secretary to the Govt. of India, whereas Mr Hector Marwein is holds Addl. Secretary rank. There is no controversy and the case must be closed and Mr. Rao must continue as CS. Mr Hector Marwein may be senior in the cadre but the at the service level Mr Rao has superseded Mr Marwein after he was notified as Secretary to the Govt. of India, whereas, Mr Marwein is still Addl. Secretary to the Govt. of India so he is junior to Mr Rao as per Govt. of India records because the seniority level in the IAS is maintained by Govt. of India.

There are many cases of MCS cadre officers in Meghalaya being superseded by their juniors. For instance, MS Thangkhiew and Aldous Mawlong were superseded a number of times. Hence this is not a big issue, because Govt has taken the decision after observing their performance and service records. Govt must have appointed MS Rao as Chief Secretary by considering his service records, performance and also notification by Govt. of India, thereby superseding Hector Marwein for the post of Secretary to the Govt. of India.

We request the Chief Minister to intervene in this matter and put an end to the misunderstandings among the NGOs and the public by taking cognisance of the notification by the Govt. of India.

Yours etc.,

B Khongwar,

  1. Kyndiah.

Via email

‘‘Who is KSU?’’


Who is the KSU and who gave them the authority to represent the people of Meghalaya? How dare they intimidate the people in this manner? I think they owe an immediate apology to the people of Meghalaya for making such a statement.  May I ask whether KSU owns Meghalaya or are they our elected representatives? Or does all the land in Meghalaya belong to them?  For god’s sake KSU, don’t try to become our Godfather – we don’t need you and dare you make such statements upon the citizens of Meghalaya. For all that you guys are is pack of jackals in the garb of our well wishers and hunting for personal benefits only. Let me speak out my mind today. You guys have disturbed the state for decades. It’s time for us to now unite against you.

We don’t need your help to uplift our society and we would progress much better without you. All you guys have done for decades is to instigate trouble in our state and render us helpless because we have not ganged up as you do. Push us to the wall and we too will stand up to your nonsense! Just because you think ILP will be good for us does not mean it is the gospel truth. And just because we may not agree with your point of view, you will ask us to leave our mother land? KSU, who are you? I am really angry!

Yours etc.,

Richard M. Lyngwa

Shillong -3

Silence of the lambs


Apropos the article, “When column writing becomes wearisome,” by Patricia Mukhim (ST Jan 10, 2020), I agree with the writer that we the people of Meghalaya who don’t belong to so-called NGOs or pressure groups that use force and coercion are always silent and only discuss issues in our drawing rooms. We are not organised and allow the few who use violence as a means to dictate terms to us. It is unfortunate that the Government too is being dictated by these groups. But this always happens when the Govt of the day is weak and spineless and this is what is happening today. I am ashamed of our Khasi MLAs who don’t say a word against the bullying by some groups to make the Assembly pass a retrograde resolution demanding Inner Line Permit. Meghalaya has no job openings. It relies on the outside world to create job opportunities but it also wants to keep out outsiders by spreading a fear psychosis.

Why would non-tribals want to come to a place where they cannot own land or get a job. The only job openings are in areas where the local tribal people do not want to work. The world is shrinking and people are becoming more interdependent but here for decades a section of pressure groups have been spreading only fear without looking at statistics. Look at the statistics on the demography of Meghalaya. The non-tribal population has come down over the years. So what is the fear about? Isn’t this just a bullying tactic by pressure groups because the Govt is too weak to tackle them? Across the country young people are spontaneously coming out to protest against the CAA. Here in Meghalaya every protest is appropriated by some groups only. Why is this so? For how long can this society outsource its problems to these groups? The elders should be ashamed of themselves for cowering in fear in front of these bully groups. I hope we learn lessons and come out to protest against any and all forms of bullying. Otherwise we don’t deserved democracy!

Yours etc.,

S Kharkongor,


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