20 CM-level meetings held on interstate border dispute

SHILLONG: As many as 20 meetings between the chief ministers of Assam and Meghalaya were held since the inception of the state to resolve the border dispute.
Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said this in a statement tabled on Friday in the Assembly in response to a query by Independent legislator SK Sunn.
When the matter was raised on Thursday, the chief minister could not provide the details.
While the first meeting was held in 1971, the last meeting was in 2017.
Besides, ten meetings were held between the chief secretaries of both the states from 1992 till 2019.
The chief minister also said that there are twelve areas of difference.
The disputed areas are Tarabari (4.69 sq km), Gisang (13.53 km), Hahim (3.51 sq km), Langpih (298.07 sq km), Borduar (147.83 sq km), Nongwah Mawtamur (137.51 sq km), Khanapara-Pilangkata (2.29 sq km), Desh Doomreah (484.72 sq km), Block I and Block II (1547.42 sq km) Khanduli and Psiar (76.80 sq km) and Ratacherra (11.20 sq km).
The total area is 2729.14 sq km.

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