Blocked drain at Jumar Lane continues to wreak havoc

SHILLONG: The faulty construction of a lane with slabs over a drain at Jumar Lane, Laban had wreaked havoc in the area three days ago but the blocked drain is yet to be cleared.
The worst-affected is the house of Mehjabeen Ahmed besides the nearby residents.
After the house of Ahmed was flooded, the disaster management team had visited once, but there was hardly any help from any quarters.
The rain water was still gushing into Jumar Lane on Monday.
Ahmed said that the municipal workers should remove the slab near her house which can clear the hurdle once and for all.
The portion of the house and toilet used by her workers were flooded.
Some municipal workers were seen on Monday working at the drain removing garbage.
The residents said it will take many days to clear the area.
Resident’s warning fell on deaf ears
Ahmed had written a letter to the CEO, Municipal in 2018 expressing concern over the construction of a road (lane) on Umkynrud stream, from the last point of the Streamlet road upstream narrowing the stream.
She said the water from the stream had caused havoc with imminent danger to her property and life.
Ahmed had also reminded about the likely collapse of her retaining wall.
In another letter addressed to the Municipal CEO, Ahmed urged him to stop the illegal encroachment of land and construction of road on the Umkynrud stream.
She said three years ago in 2017, local legislator, Sanbor Shullai, along with the Dorbar Shnong of the locality had approached her informing about the proposed construction of the pavement/road over the Umkynrud stream which forms the eastern boundary of her property.
They had assured Ahmed that the construction would not affect her property since they would be acquiring some land from her neighbour.
Ahmed said in the letter that after she returned from a vacation in December 2017, she was shocked to find a road being constructed not only over the Umkynrud stream but also over a considerable portion of her property.
Ahmed said the authorities had illegally encroached upon her property in utter disregard to the law.
She pointed out that the concerned authorities failed to address the issue resulting in the present situation.

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