State needs courageous leaders with wisdom: Paul Lyngdoh

SHILLONGKhasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) Executive Member, Paul Lyngdoh said the current situation demanded sharp leaders who have the courage and the wisdom to lead the indigenous tribal community in the state.

He was speaking on the foundation day of the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) on Wednesday at U Soso Tham auditorium.

The former Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) leader recalled the time when the KSU was revived in 1991 and stressed on producing quality leaders and not only rely on quantity.

It may be mentioned that the HYC is a break-away faction of the KSU which was split in 2014.

Similarly, president of HYC, Robert June Kharjahrin reminisced his days in the KSU and said the HYC would imitate and follow the footsteps of the many former leaders of the KSU.

“We are not a racist organisation but we have to be formed with the intention to protect. We have not set aside the demand for ILP (Inner Line Permit),” he said.

Former president of HYC, Peter Lawai said most of the land belonging to indigenous people in the state had been surreptitiously handed over to companies from outside the state thereby draining the resources owned by the community posing a danger to the community.

He went on to say that women are resources of the community and expressed concern on women going astray and on the rise of prostitution, human trafficking, single mothers whose off-springs are fathered either by Khasi or a non-Khasi.

He pin-pointed some issues which are to be taken up by the HYC members such as illegally using Khasi surnames by outsiders and to be vigilant of drugs issue which he termed as a silent invasion.

He said, “Khasi women are resources of the community. If they go astray, the men are helpless.”

Turning to the men, he urged them to be faithful to their wives and called for a strong foundation of marriage to make the community responsible and respectable. 

Speaking about the education scenario in the state on the mushrooming of schools with no proper facilities, he said, “In a village of 1000 households, there exist about more than 20 schools. On the other hand, the education policy has failed, the educational system churns out many students but they have no-where else to go.”

Lawai urged the HYC members to be alert and watch out for irregularities in the health system as malnourishment in children is on the rise.

Speaking about political illiteracy, he also pointed out that the HYC members should create awareness on electing better politicians without getting lured by money.

Commenting on influx, he said Meghalaya had a high growth rate of outsiders than India and that the members of the organization would have apprehended over one lakh outsiders.