Traditional Garo ‘Nokpante’ opened in Williamnagar

TURA: Highlighting the beauty and uniqueness of the traditional way of life and the significance of Garo culture, a “Matchi Nokpante” also known as a traditional bachelor’s dormitory, was opened at Williamnagar on Friday.

East Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner, Swapnil Tembe, in the presence of local leaders and district officials inaugurated the traditional Matchi Nokpante which was constructed by the Kusimkolgre Youth Association at Kusimkolgre locality.

Inaugurating the Nokpante, the deputy commissioner lauded the members of Kusimkolgre Youth Association for their dedicated efforts and urged them to keep on preserving the tradition and culture of the Garos.

Stressing on the need to bring development to the region, Tembe urged the youth to work in tandem with the district administration and to engage themselves in positive activities. Keeping in mind the need to bring positive changes among the youth, he asked the members of the association to start career counseling and assured to provide financial assistance under the Chief Minister’s Career Guidance Scheme.

The Tourist Officer, Bulbully S Marak, while speaking about the importance of the traditional Nokpante of the Garos, said that the painstaking effort of the members of the association will help in promoting tourism in the area.

The President of Kusimkolgre locality, Balensing Marak, in his brief speech informed the gathering that the traditional Nokpante or bachelors’ dormitory before the advent of modern education, was centre of learning where the youth learn about art, culture, skills, traditional practices, music, etc. He also appreciated the steps taken by concerned departments of the Govt. of Meghalaya in extending financial help to the association.

In the inaugural function, former secretary of the association, Sengkhan N Marak delivered the welcome address and the joint secretary, Sengsal R Sangma, proposed the vote of thanks.