Govt. to take-over primary education in Khasi Hills

A four-day mini session of the Meghalaya Assembly has been convened on February 24, to transact some important official business.

Sources said that the session which was earlier scheduled to begin from March 16 was preponed mainly for two reasons: to enable the out-going Governor to address the Assembly as in customary for him to do at the first session of the year; secondly, to present the Dutta Commission Enquiry Report before the House to enable the Govt to take-over the management of primary education in Khasi Hills from the District Council.

The take-over of primary education, observers say, is likely to be an important issue at the coming District Council polls. The ruling side expected to grill the regional parties for its unsatisfactory management of primary education. (The Govt and the District Council have been making claims and counter claims on this matter).

Sources said that the mini session would be adjourned on February 29 to enable the members to join the electioneering. The House would in all probability meet immediately after the polls.

Meanwhile, the Govt has decided to present at vote-on-account budget for three months. It is said that the Govt was not prepared with the budget estimates for the next financial year. This would mean that the Assembly would meet against o pass the budget for the remaining nine months within June 30.

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