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Truth misinterpreted


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Apropos the letter by JS Marak (Health services in shambles in Garo Hills), it may be noted that the post of medical specialist in Tura civil hospital is lying vacant as of now. One physician is posted in the hospital who has to juggle indoor, outdoor, night duties, emergency calls, trainings, meetings.etc. Most of beds in the medical ward are full because he is the only physician in West Garo hills in the government sector. Needless to say all such patients are ‘seriously ill’ requiring round the clock care so does it seem strange that most of the times he is in attendance to these critically ill patients?

The Out Patient Department (OPD) of Medicine is managed by an array of doctors, many of whom he has trained himself in life threatening diseases. He is available in the OPD for consultation every single day. Since the hospital hours are not enough for him to perform all his duties, he takes his morning rounds of indoor patients at 5.15 am every day. He makes an extra effort to provide required medicines, if unavailable in the hospital, then from his samples or gets them sponsored by drug companies. The doctors, nurses, patients treated as well as the Superintendent of Tura civil hospital will confirm this fact.

It may also be noted here that he played a significant role in diagnosing the beginning of Chikungunya epidemic in Tura and despite suffering from the disease himself in its most severe crippling form, attended to his hospital duties without fail. He also trained almost all the doctors and teachers in malaria in the district. He is also one of those doctors who visits patient in the middle of the night so that all children could get their share of polio drops…many a time he comes back dripping with blood, thanks to the leeches around. His outstanding work gave him a coveted place in the Advisory Board to the Government of India regarding malaria from which he later resigned, because he felt his services were needed more by the critically ill patients of West Garo hills. If the appointment of such doctors is questioned by one among the public, then let it be so. One who has found his ‘calling’ requires neither appreciation nor laurels… brickbats hurt him not for as they say ‘work is its own reward!’ Who will know all this more than his own wife? JS Marak is a whistle-blower, a vigilant citizen who has discussed an issue which is of immediate concern to all. But alas, he lacks proper information. People who write on important issues also take pains to cross check, to exercise caution and care, to empathize… To err is human.

Your’s etc

Dr.Sapna Deb sarkar.

Jr Surgeon,N.P.C.B.Tura.

Eyes, ears, nose under threat


Eyes, ears and nose are the most vital organs of animals, especially man. How happy we are when some social organizations or hospitals offer free eye care, to save the eyes of those underprivileged and downtrodden. But more important than this are the preventive measures we should take to save the eye. The growth of steel fabrication is praiseworthy but welding in the open with that glaring bluish arc is harmful to the eyes. A welder uses a 2 inch thick dark glass to view the weld but our school children and passers by are subjected to this high intensity light without any protection.

It is high time for the government to impose strict guidelines in the form of screening or four walling their workshops. Regarding the ears, I request the DTO/Deputy Commissioner to ban the use of gas horns in the city. These gas horns are powerful and if the baby carried by her mother has its ear at right angles to the sound wave, that ear drum may be permanently damaged. In one Khasi daily there were reports of increasing numbers of deaf people in Meghalaya and I believe this vehicle horn may be the factor. Regarding the nose I do not have any more suggestion as we now breathe more carbon dioxide than oxygen. How we shall manage to live is the mystery of mysteries. Even the last stronghold of oxygen generating plant (The Tara Ghar, Ward’s lake like and Botanical garden) is now under serious threat.

Yours etc.,

Wandell Passah,

Via email

Smart move ST!


Congratulations on coming up with the new website of Shillong Times. It’s well made, well organised and much more user friendly compared to the old one. For someone like me who travels most of the time, web access through my phone is sometimes the only option to be connected and check news. Your new web site will only make the experience better. Congrats once again!

Yours etc.,

Conrad Sangma, MLA & Leader of the Opposition


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