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Dorbar Shnong ostracises 17 families in Mawsynram Dong Rum


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Punished for filing RTI application

SHILLONG: In another case of high-handedness by the Dorbar Shnong, 17 families of Mawsynram Dong Rum, have been socially ostracised only because they filed an RTI against the owner of a fair price shop who had deprived them of their quota of rice and sugar under the BPL and AAY scheme between 2002-2008.

In a clear case of nepotism the fair price shop dealer, Asorda Marbaniang is none other than the wife of the Rangbah Shnong Arto Kharchandy. But what is questionable is why the Dorbar Shnong should support the illegal activities of the wife of the Rangbah Shnong.

Secondly, does the Dorbar Shnong have the authority to socially ostracize those families who are fighting for their rights?

In the RTI, these 17 families had sought information about distribution of rice and sugar of the fair price shops in their area.

It is learnt that the wife of the Rangbah Shnong, the owner of the fair price shop has been able to influence the decision of the Dorbar Shnong in its meeting on Monday to socially ostracize the 17 families only because they had filed an RTI against her misdeeds.

The Dorbar Shnong instead of condemning the actions of the defaulting fair price shop dealer, took her side instead, only because she is the wife of the Rangbah Shnong. The fair price shop dealer had deprived the 17 families of their just dues for the past eight years and was allegedly diverting the essential commodities to the black market.

As per the RTI documents received from the East Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner (Supply), it was clearly indicated that in the AAY and BPL cards which were issued to all the 17 families they never receives any rice for a period of 72 months and sugar for a period of 92 months.

The RTI document also show that the allotment of rice and sugar to the residents of the Dong Rum including the 17 families was very regular.

The fair price shop dealer was receiving the quota regularly every month. It was alleged that the wife of the Rangbah Shnong was selling the rice and sugar which was allotted by the Deputy Commissioner at a higher price.

The price per kg of BPL rice is Rs 6.15 paisa but the fair shop owner is selling the rice at Rs 8 per kg.

Meanwhile, Joint Director (Supply) C Nongspung had earlier filed an FIR into this whole controversy.

But later after learning that both the parties (fair price shop owner and the 17 families) are planning to come to a compromise, the Joint Director withdrew the FIR.

Meanwhile, East Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner has ordered a magisterial inquiry to be headed by Additional District Magistrate CD Lyngwa into this matter.

Earlier, the Dorbar Shnong Executive Committee had decided to compensate the rice and sugar which was allotted to the affected families only for the period of 2008.

However, the affected families wanted compensation from the owner of the fair price shop for the whole period from 2002-2008.


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