Nicki Minaj hated part-time jobs

London: Singer Nicki Minaj says she hated doing part time jobs while she worked on shaping up her music career.

“That whole time was so horrible. It was like torture. At the end of the day, after working at whatever job I hated, I would get all dressed up and go out with the hope of getting a record deal,” quoted Minaj as saying.

“At night, I was an artist, but during the day I was a slave. When I think back on that time, on the people who made my life a living hell, I want to say, ‘Are you all seeing me now?”

“This is me having the last laugh after all those years when you made it hard for me to get out of bed in the morning.”

Although Minaj thought of quitting at one point, her pride and dedication to making money to support her family helped her achieve success.

“I had no money, I had no one to call and I was out on my own. I also had the burden of not wanting to tell my mother that I was out of a job, and could I come back home?” she said.

“Besides faith in God, the only thing that got me through that time was the fear of what would happen to my family if I didn’t make it.

“I remember thinking, ‘I don’t know if this is ever going (to) work but I’m going to give it one final try,'” she added. (IANS)

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