Lucy Liu fascinated with religion


London: The Charlie’s Angels’ actress Lucy Liu says she is fascinated by religion and wants to study different religions.

The 42-year-old thinks people’s beliefs and faith can help them overcome various difficulties in their lives and so is open to all faiths including Scientology and Kabbalah. “I think it’s unfortunate when people are against something that can bring so much guidance for people.

I don’t know much about Scientology – I know a little bit about it – but if it helps someone become less addicted to something, or not addicted, or if it helps someone recover from abuse, you can never say it’s bad,” Liu said.

The actress is happy to acknowledge she has studied Kabbalah – which has many celebrity followers including Madonna and Demi Moore – and is also intrigued by Buddhism which her mother is a devout believer.

“I had friends that were studying Kabbalah. It reminds me of Taoism. It’s mind over matter, essentially, and I’m fascinated by that. But I’m also fascinated by Buddhism – my mother’s a Buddhist. (PTI)