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Opinions differ on Govt move


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Ban on tinted glasses on vehicles

By Our Reporter

 SHILLONG: The move by the new DGP of Meghalaya Police to clamp down on the use of black and tinted glasses on vehicles has earned mixed reactions from the public.

It is learnt that the city is one of the biggest users of vehicles with black glasses, despite the Motor Vehicles Act which bans the use of such glasses in vehicles. The city is also famous for tinted glasses as decorating cars and motorbikes with different shades and designs is a common practice here.

There were however, mixed reactions from women drivers who at one time felt that tinted glasses gave them some protection while driving alone. This time around the opinion is that a law must be respected.

A mother of two who drives her own vehicle said, “I believe that such glasses indirectly provide security especially while driving solo on a lonely stretch,” Echoing her, another lady said that it is all about the comfort level of passengers traveling and there should be some concession in terms of tinted glasses which come in lighter shades.

A school teacher said that if the rule is implemented to reduce the number of crimes in the state then it is a bad ploy adding, “We have to see what the police statistics says about the number of crimes being committed inside vehicles.” Like her a lady who feels tinted glasses are a non-issue said, “Meghalaya is a peaceful state with no terror threats around. So, why this sudden decision?” she asks.

There are many who felt that tinted glasses per se do not lead to crime.

There is however a large section of people who feel that vehicles with tinted glasses encourage rowdiness and unwanted behaviour inside vehicles. “Many of these vehicles are used by the young as ‘bars.’ There is a lot of drinking and loud music besides other indecent behaviour,” said a parent.

Expressing surprise over how the young get possession of swanky vehicles at such a tender age, many residents of the town felt that vehicles parked along predictable lanes and by lanes of the city need more stringent checking.


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