Friday, June 14, 2024

China threat alarming: Joshi


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‘Impose President’s Rule in Manipur’

From Our Correspondent

 Guwahati: Raising the alarm, the BJP has demanded that the Congress-led UPA government to come out with a statement in the Parliament informing about the level of preparation for securing country’s frontiers in the North and the North East and assure people that government will take adequate steps for country’s security.

The Senior BJP leader also suggested imposition of President’s Rule in Manipur. He said the situation in blockade-hit Manipur where the state government has failed to do anything effective to clear it, warranted serious intervention from the Centre and imposition of President’s rule is an option to bail the people out of the hardship precipitated by blockade there.

Talking to the media here, senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi said, “ The present government at the Centre has not been able to provide strong logistics for safety and security of the country. Our Northern borders are highly insecure, especially in the North East side the defence programmes and infrastructure developments are not up to the mark.”

He said, “The Chinese preparation in other side of the border throw a challenge to Indian development efforts in these areas. China has surrounded India from all three sides. All along northern border Chinese forces, both army and air force, are well-equipped with modern hardware and are capable of even launching nuclear missiles.”

He further said, “China has already occupied large parts in Siachen. The Chinese forces make their presence felt in Ladakh and PoK. This is a serious threat on our northern border. China has been able to obtain right to use Gwadar seaport in Pakistan and thereby access through Pakistan to Arabina sea. China has invested lot to make a sea port in South Sri Lanka thereby wants to make its presence felt in Indian Ocean.”

“China has already objected India’s presence along Vietnam Sea Coast and it doesn’t want India to take up oil exploration in that area,” Joshi said adding such a situation demands that the government comes up with a statement in the Parliament about its strategy to secure frontiers of the country.

Regarding the frontiers in the North East, Joshi said the government should learn from the past experience about Chinese design in the area and no stone should be left unturned to take up development projects in the North at the war footing.

He lambasted the UPA government for failing to check rising prices despite its repeated assurance and said that the situation reflected government’s lack of economic policy relevant to Indian condition.

HE accused the government of playing games with statistics and lampooned the recent assessment that put a person from rural India earning Rs 32 a day above the BPL . “This is a very cruel joke on the poor people of India,” the BJP leader said.


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