Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mayawati asks Rahul to direct anger towards Central govt


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Lucknow: Lashing out at Rahul Gandhi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Saturday said that instead of indulging in “votebank politics” and expressing his anger against the state government, he should vent his ire at the Central government.

Referring to Gandhi’s recent remarks that the prevailing state of affairs in UP makes him angry, Mayawati claimed that welfare issues do not get the attention of the Congress ‘yuvraj’ and he does not get angry over them.

The Chief Minister said she wants to tell the ‘yuvraj’ that “instead of enacting drams for votebank politics, issuing wrong statements and expressing anger, he should rather direct it (anger) on the government in Delhi”.

Mayawati said the Congress General Secretary should also help on the issue of inflation and rising petrol prices which were posing immense hardships to the people in UP.

“As an MP from the state he should exert pressure on the union government for releasing funds for the welfare works and projects for Uttar Pradesh,” she said. Speaking at a function to dedicate UP Viklang Uddhar Shakuntala Misra University on the outskirts of the state capital here, she also questioned Rahul’s “silence” on “attacks and harassment” on the people from Uttar Pradesh when they go to Congress ruled states like Maharashtra and Delhi in search of livelihood.

She also said that Gandhi does not get angry at his party ruled government in Haryana when Dalits are “uprooted” there. Taking potshots at the Congress for stating that there was ‘jungle raj’ in UP, she referred to various incidents taking place in the earlier Congress governments of the state saying at that time it was regarded the rule of law.

On charges of corruption against her government, the chief minister said that Congress has had a “long history of corruption” and it is unbecoming of them to comment on our government.

Maintaining that all allegations against her government of encouraging corruption were unfounded and baseless and appear to be part of a “political conspiracy”, Mayawati said she “inherited this problem (of corruption) from the previous governments and has been working to eradicate it”. (PTI)


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