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Of tinted glasses


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There has been a lot of resentment from different quarters over the clampdown on tinted glasses in vehicles in the state. As a lady driver, I feel that tinted glasses of about 50% – 75% in vehicles is not so inappropriate as it provides a certain amount of safety for the driver especially when one would be driving on highways or late in the evening. At the same time I am also aware that the Motor Vehicles Act must be observed with all sincerity. The DGP stated that it is a law and will be enforced irrespective of power and social status. Does this mean that the law is applicable to all and sundry? Does the law curb only the common man or the higher echelons as well?

Yours etc.,

Jennifer Dkhar



I appreciate the move of the police department to ban tinted glasses but I am also unhappy because many a times I drive alone at night as I am the only working woman in my family. However I will manage an alternative but instead of our respected DGP thinking of banning tinted glasses he should think of the following (1) How to ease the traffic congestion in Shillong which is a daily affair where every single person faces problems. (2) He should check the repairing of vehicles on the roadside which leads to traffic jams (3) He should try to discipline his own men who are supposed to be the keepers of law but are themselves law breakers. Once I saw a white gypsy (ML 02 4403) during peak hours moving at a speed of less than 20kms/hr attending a phone call and looking around. This led to a huge traffic jam. Also I have a picture of a ML 02 car parked on the wrong side leading to traffic congestions. If required I can forward the picture (4) Checking of licence plates of two wheelers which are hardly visible. (5) Checking the flow of taxis, etc.

After looking into all the above then the DGP should consider banning tinted glasses and also, the tinted glasses of the VIP vehicles and of the police should be removed first then only go for that of the general public. Simply put, “Practice what you preach.”

Yours etc.,

Eva Syiem

 Tribute to a legend


It is rightly said that Music is universal and has no language. This has been rightly proved by the legendary Bhupen Hazarika. Again it is rightly said that “Pen is mightier than the sword”. This has also been proved by the legend. If one listens to his music one will feel a blend of Socialism i.e. his feeling for the common people was always revealed in his song. His songs touches everyone’s’ soul .He was not only a great singer or musician but a great academician with huge knowledge and above all a wonderful human being. He wanted to reform the society through his Music. He did his Masters in Political Science like many others but I don’t think there is anyone else who explained the theme of the discipline (subject) through songs and music. The discipline of Political Science mainly deals with the study of the society and the people without any discrimination and such thought was taught to the people by him through his music. ”We are in the Same Boat Brother” talks of equality among the people, “Bistirna Parore”(Bistar hai apar in hindi) is a kind of complain to the holy river asking it why it is flowing normally when people are suffering from poverty, unemployment and a host of other problems. His famous Hindi Song “Ek Kali Do Pattiya” talks about the lives of people working in the tea gardens of Assam. Another of his hit number was “Manuhe Manuhor Baabey”(Manush Manushr Jonne in Bengali)  which laments about how people are becoming selfish day by day. Bhupen Hazarika was not only a good musician but also a great academician and a great person because he really felt for the ordinary people. Though most of his songs were originally in Assamese but his thoughts and feelings were not only restricted to the people of Assam and North East but to the whole world and as such his  demise is not only a loss for the Assam and the North East but for the whole nation and the whole world. While everyone listens to his songs but if we really want to pay homage and respect to Bhupenda we should try to understand the meaning of his songs. We should try to understand the lyrics, and work at what he wanted teach. I was lucky to meet the legend once in the State Central Library Auditorium when he came as the Chairman of the Sangeet Natak Academy to inaugurate a cultural function organised by NEHU. That moment is etched in my memory. There are many singers and musicians in the country and the whole world but e are yet to see a person with such versatile talent both in music and academics. In the years to come we may witness many singers becoming famous, singing his songs but there cannot be another person like him. Though he is no more his songs will continue to inspire us always. He will always remain in the hearts of people because Legends never die.

Yours etc.,

Premankur Dam,



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