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‘Mind, body, intellect important for human development’


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By Our Reporter

 SHILLONG: The Sree Narayana Guru Cultural Centre (SNGCC), Shillong along with Ramakrishna Mission, Shillong organized a discourse “Success and fulfillment of life” by Swami Udith Chaithanyaji, head of Bhagavatham Village Trust, Cochin, on Friday at Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Quinton Road.

Swami Udith Chaithanya said that the country has to overcome the tendency for unrighteous and look up to the righteous. “Today there is a tendency of missing out the righteousness because we focus on the unrighteousness. The weakness of the mind is the cause of your fall as we are compromising within ourselves and need to wake up from that,” said Swamiji. He urged all mothers to take on leadership roles and train their young ones on the right path just as Swami Vivekenanda’s mother had done.

The Swami said most parents today stressed on the physical and intellectual development of their children but neglected the most important part – the mind which is the heart of all emotions. “We must read the scriptures like Bhagwad Gita not necessarily as a religious book but as a management and inspirational text ,” he said.

Swami Chaithanya also pointed out life is a journey from the comfort to the uncomfortable. What the country needs today are people who can inspire and motivate others and also do work themselves. Exhorting the audience to send at least some positive messages by SMS to a few people every morning the Swami said, “You don’t know how those messages will motivate the receiver.”

Swami Chaithanya said the education system in India does not motivate the mind hence students have no interest in what they study. “We need interest to understand something and interest comes form the mind and emotion,’ the Swami said.

He pointed to a recent case in Bangalore where a girl student who had passed from IIT and was doing her IIM committed suicide only because she got a message on facebook that her boyfriend had dumped her. The girl was intellectually and physically strong but mentally weak, he said.

“Everyone is uniquely created but together people can create synergy. I urge upon people from every background to work together,” he said. When asked whether amulets and gems worn by people could bring success and fulfillment the Swami said those are all externalities and if people believed they would work it is possible that they will.

Swami Chaithanyaji will deliver another discourse “Inner Resources Development” at Seng Khasi College, Shillong on Saturday.


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