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Well done traffic cops!


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At the outset, my personal salutations to the Laitumkhrah Traffic Police personnel for their heroism in hauling up even a legislator named Ronnie Lyngdoh for wrong parking recently in the Laitumkhrah area. But it appears all VIPs are not high-handed and Saleng Sangma despite being a minister was humble enough to pay the fine for wrong parking without a murmur. Lyngdoh on the contrary has flexed his muscles and summoned those police personnel to the Assembly Privileges Committee for not allowing him to park at a designated No parking Zone. I wonder how the Privileges Committee has anything to do with violation of traffic rules. This sounds like a joke. It reminds me of a similar summon by this same Committee at the behest of another Lyngdoh ( read Paul Lyngdoh – MLA) to Mr. Julius Dorphang on the issue of militant – politician nexus . What has that summons resulted in except to serve Mr Paul Lyngdoh’s ego. I earnestly urge upon those police personnel not to attend or respond to the summons by the Privileges Committee as the cops did no wrong. Rules that are legislated must be implemented in letter irrespective of a person’s position. Kudos traffic police ! Keep up the good work. Tough times don’t last , tough people do .

Yours etc

Cliff R Sohtun,

Shillong – 6

 What VIP really stands for?


The news caption, “Addl DGP apologises on behalf of traffic cops”, (ST Dec 21, 2011) came as a surprise to all readers who started the day with these bold letters staring into their faces. It is shocking that a high ranking police officer has failed the test of endurance and has prostrated himself at the feet of a pompous politician. This reveals the caliber of the top echelons of our police hierarchy and their own attitude towards the law of the land and how it is upheld. In stark contrast though is the straight-talking and upright DGP, N Ramachandran, who practically challenged the so called ‘law maker”, Mr Ronnie V Lyngdoh, to summon him before the Privileges Committee instead of his subordinates. Things are getting clearer to the public as to what the letter “I” stands for when it comes to our so called VIPs. To some, it indeed means important or even intelligent, as a friend of mine says, but for most of them it really implies ‘ignorant’ and ‘irritating’ and ‘insensitive.’ Hope they all rightly earn and enjoy their VIP status.

Yours etc.,

Wanshan B Khardewsaw

Shillong -2

 In bad taste, this!


After my recent letter in your paper regarding the humble behaviour of the British Prime Minister during his attendance at a football match I was left with utter disgust when I read of the action taken by one so called public leader RV Lyngdoh in Shillong against some policemen who had not allowed him to park in a no-parking zone. Instead of commending the traffic wardens for doing their jobs he has had them pulled up. This is sheer pomposity on the part of the MLA and it just shows that he lacks the qualities that a public leader should have. He must realise that he has been elected as an MLA only and has not been elevated to the position of the Gods – his action it is an insult to the law that he is supposed to uphold. Such egoistic behaviour must be condemned by one and all and especially by the Chief Minister who must use his stick on erring members of his flock while commending people like the traffic wardens otherwise there will be no end to this type of nonsense. May I end by congratulating the traffic wardens involved and may their tribe prosper.

Yours etc.,

DM Pariat,

Aberystwyth Wales.

 Shame on politicians!


Kudos to the traffic police who uphold the law of the land! Who are the MLAs? Are they to make the law and break it again? They too are under the law. Why summon the police officials? This is a shame and shame on the politicians. If I were a social activist in Shillong, I would organise a rally against the behaviour of the politicians for issuing a summons letter to the law keepers.

Yours etc.,

P Zou,

Via email

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