BJP wants govt to solve water crisis in Tura

By Our Reporter

 SHILLONG: The BJP in an emergency meeting held in Tura on Friday drew the attention of the government on the the water crisis in Tura. It has been viewed by the party that the water scarcity in Tura is an annual occurrence and a major issue of concern.

The question posed by the leader of the opposition, Conrad K. Sangma, was why couldn’t the government guarantee the evasion of water scarcity when the sources of water are plentiful during every season.

However, the reasons for water scarcity are the heavy leakages in the pipeline connected from main water tank to sub reservoir tank, illegal tapping, absence of public taps, improper laying of pipes and unpunctuality in monitoring the work by authorities.

A systematic provision of Public taps should solve the problem of illegal tapping. Water, as we know, is the fundamental requirement of life and every individual should have access to it without any hindrance. Therefore, it is vitally important to deal with the issue.

During the NDA period, the Union Water Resource Minister Vijaya Chakraborty had held meetings with the concerned authorities and had sanctioned a certain amount of money to solve the water crisis in Tura, which persists till now.It has been observed that one of the water-tanks, that was constructed at Dobakkol, near Dobasipara B.S.F. Camp by the P.H.E. department, has still not been functional even after a gap of 3 years. The party requested, the department concerned, to look into the matter so that the people of the area can benefit out of the scheme.

The immediate solution to water scarcity would be to get water tankers equivalent to the demand and supply needs and fill the tanks, at the distribution point, by the water tankers.

Monsoon rains relieve, both the government and the people from scarcity of water but the fact remains that a certain percentage of people, of Tura, gets relief by using either the stream or spring water. But the water supply scheme was meant for the entire Tura, covering both South Tura and North Tura.

A member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, however, proposed the improvement of the Technology as one of the solutions to the wastage and scarcity of water crisis in Tura.


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