Tibet crisis: ‘Wake up UN’ call from the snowland

From Our Correspondent

Guwahati : Blindfolding himself with a piece of black cloth that had a slogan “wake up UN” written on it, Tibetan activist Sherab Tsedor on Tuesday made an appeal to the world leaders especially the United Nations (UN) to wake up to the plight of Tibetans at the hands of People’s Republic of China.

He was here as part of the three-months long all India Tibet awareness and support campaign under the banner of “A messenger of snowland’.

Tsedor said, “We represent the free voice of the desperate yet bold non-violent calls by young Tibetans inside Tibet to alert the world about the on-going atrocities being committed by the People’s Republic of China.”

“We are gravely concerned about the deteriorating situation inside Tibet which is forcing Tibetans to feel so desperate and frustrated that they are taking extreme acts like self-immolation.”

He said so far 26 Tibetans resorted to self-immolation so far inside Tibet, out of which 18 died and the status of the rest eight was not known.

“Hence, we appeal to world leaders and the United Nations to wake up and do something about it. Arab nations are not the one, even Tibet is burning.”

” We have the spirit, truth and 53 years of non-violent movement on our side. “

“It is ethically right and moral responsibility for the sane people of the world over to support and seek justice for Tibet.”

‘A messenger of snowland’ appeals to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to respect the fundamental right of Tibetans to practice their religion and end the so called patriotic reeducation campaign.

It demands that the People’s Republic of China stop harassing the families of self-immolated martyrs and respect the aspiration of Tibetan people inside Tibet.

It urges the People’s Republic of China to allow international, independent fact-finding delegation and media to visit the affected areas and refrain from using measures against the peaceful protestors.

It appeals to international government and the UN to call on China to genuinely uphold international human rights standards and norms.

The People’s Republic of China has been urged to stop damming the mighty Tibetan rivers starting with the Brahmaputra River and show some respect the ecology of Tibet.

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