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Enrolment of voters


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Enrolment of voters in the electoral roll has become the talk in the city. Due to this, the city witnessed a series of violent incidents two weeks ago. Shops were ransacked and some non-locals were beaten up by unknown miscreants as well. The three organisations KSU, FKJGP and HNYF had jointly called a road blockade last week. Business persons and shop owners suffered a huge loss due to the blockade. They had to shut down their shops early. To further strengthen their agitation, the NGO’s announced an office picketing on May 7 last. According to government officials only 40% of people attended their respective offices. Central and state government officials hardly attended office. Corridors of the offices were empty and a valuable day’s work was lost.

Even if the agitation is based on reason, is it right to jeopardise the life of the common man? Daily labourers lose money when bandhs, night blockades become regular affairs. Is their agitation justified if we think of the thousands who get affected because of bandhs etc. Isn’t there a better way to put across views than to put pressure with such tactics? It is time we stop rejoicing when a bandh is declared because we get an extra holiday, but rise up and speak up for ourselves.

Yours etc.,

A Das,

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 Callous atitude


On Thursday evening, last week when I went to pick my son up from his school he did not come out of the class as usual even when all his classmates had left with their parents one by one. I waited for nearly thirty minutes thinking that he might be having extra class. Another twenty minutes passed, the school now wore a deserted look and I was getting very worried. Finally, after waiting for nearly an hour I decided to go inside and find my son. When I entered the school, I was relieved to see him in his classroom. He was all by himself in the deserted building with no teacher or anyone around. On inquiring about what had happened he told me that the teacher had punished him because he had forgotten to bring one of his books to the school that day. We left the school and reached home safely.

The story I shared might sound simple and something that happens on a daily basis. But it is also a wake up call for all of us who are concerned about the safety and security of our little ones. It is an act of gross misconduct for the teacher to leave a child alone and unattended. How can the school authorities guarantee that children will be safe when left in the school alone for an hour or two after school hours without any information to the parents? In today’s world, where punishment of any kind is getting obsolete, how fair is it to hold up a ten year old kid in the school, and that too alone and without prior intimation to the parents that their child would be released late.

The school I am talking about is one of the most reputed and polished schools of our city. However, since this is a general problem in almost all schools today, pointing fingers would spark a discussion about discrimination which I don’t want to start. My only concern is the safety and security of the children and that they should not be punished by being held back after school hours. The parents should be told about the misbehaviour of their child so that he/she can be corrected. If at all any correction is needed it should be done during school hours. I hope that parents would agree with me and help raise this concern in all schools so that our children are not left alone to suffer.

Yours etc.,

A concerned father,

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 NCP’s imposed innocence


Of late there have been many issues in Garo hills which are blamed on the Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma. When there was water shortage in Tura and there was a public outcry the NCP had diverted the people’s anger on the CM. But is not PA Sangma the local MLA? Where was he when his people needed him most? What was he doing then? When there has been a chain of outrageous bandhs called by GNLA and the people of Garo hills suffered, where was P A Sangma and his family? Were they supporting the people of their constituency? They had asked the CM to step down from his post. During the MBOSE issue, they forced him to step down as the Home Minister. But is that enough?

PA Sangma and his family have never been around for the people when they needed a leader to look up to! Instead when the people of Garo hills suffered, Sangma was busy campaigning for his presidential nomination. Recently Agatha Sangma specifically mentioned to the press while being interviewed in connection with Late Dana Sangma’s case that she had never faced discrimination. I would like an honest answer straight from them to my question. Had James Sangma not get beaten up by the local kids while he was studying in St. Columbus school? And had Conrad himself not defended his elder brother? Is this not a severe form of discrimination?

Yours etc.,

CN Marak,

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