Khyndailad woes linger

By Our Reporter

 SHILLONG: The entire Khyndailad stretch has become an eye sore for the public, thanks to the delay in the much hyped beautification project which is still far from complete.

The project, launched last year has seen several delays and sources from the PWD, which is implementing the project, informed that the beautification work has not been able to make much progress as the construction work goes on only at night. “With thousands of people thronging the area, it is almost impossible to carry on the work at a decent pace during the day time,” a source from the PWD said. The deadline for the project, that aimed to change the look of Shillong’s busiest commercial area, was revised to October. However sources said that the work can be completed only in the winter season.

When asked about the present status of the project, sources said that the Aqueducts are under construction after which other works would follow. “There are also so many issues with underground water pipes besides other problems that have to be looked into,” sources added.

The unsteady progress of the Rs 16.73 crore project coupled with the rains have only worsened the situation in Khyndailad which takes the shape of a muddy pool much to the dismay of the pedestrians. Further the onset of the monsoons imply that city residents would have to brave the mud for the rest of the season before any steady progress is made in the project.

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