Anti-women crime in Assam

The National Human Rights Organisation (NHRO) is exercised about the rise in crimes against women in Assam . But it said that the situation was better there on the issue of human rights violations. Data available with the NHRO show that Assam is second in the country in the category of crimes against women. Most of the cases are related to rape, kidnapping and domestic violence under Section 498 (A) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). NHRO Chairman Justice K.G. Balakrishnan emphasised the increasing number of cases relating to domestic violence. However, he felt that it indicated women in Assam were becoming more aware about their rights. There could be no violence if they mutely suffered persecution. The Commission held a two-day long camp at Guwahati and heard about 50 cases which were pending. NHRO officials observed that the Assam government should concentrate on social issues to contain violence on women. Women in the state enjoy a special status as there is no dowry system or the practice of wearing veils in the region. The Infant Mortality Rate and the Maternal Mortality Rate are not satisfactory in Assam . But that may not have anything to do with male chauvinism and the outcome of poor healthcare facilities.

One of the reasons crime against women is high in Assam may be the insurgency rampant for a number of years. The other factor may be economic backwardness. On the other hand, a large number of women in Assam have been engaged in militancy and crime against women in some cases may not be the work of men. However, the rising number of rapes may be due to the presence of the security forces in the state who are not known for exemplary behaviour. The revelation by the NHRO also takes the sting out of the grievance that Northeastern women are victims of sexual harassment and other forms of ill treatment in Delhi and the neighbourhood.

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