KSU condemns unplanned construction at Pungsyior

From Our Correspondent

 NONGSTOIN: The KSU (Siejlieh Unit) and Seng samla Shnong Siejlieh on Thursday, in a press statement, condemned strongly on the way the construction of the road at Pungsyior was being carried out.

Vice President of KSU Siejlieh Unit, D.Bani and B.Marbaniang President Seng Samla Shnong Siejlieh told reporters here that the construction site had resulted in the destruction of major pipelines that feed Siejlieh Village.

Pipelines at the site could be seen scattered about while some were under the debris, he added.

Altogether, about 400 metres of pipeline has been damaged on the pretext of “development”, D.Bani fumed.

He also said that the dumping of debris from the road down the slopes were polluting the river and more seriously changing the course of the river and in some places blocking it.

This, he said could in the long run have serious repercussions.

Both the leaders of the Organisation further commented on the the reckless attitude of the businessman Hammerless Roy Thabah, who has been entrusted the task of supervising the proper implementation of the project in the area, has completely neglected the site resulting in irreparable losses to the area.

Most of the villagers has lambasted Thabah for not caring about the nearby villagers as till now three weeks has passed and no body repaired the pipelines and they suffer a scarcity of water which meets a little relief when rain water harvesting is carried out in the rainy season.

The KSU (Siejlieh) and Seng Samla Shnong urged the Executive Engineer PHE to bring the person responsible for the neglect to book.

They also put forth the demand for Thabah to make amends to the damage caused at the earliest.

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