MPSC- a whiff of fresh air



The positive move to streamline the functioning of the Meghalaya Public Service Commission (MPSC) by the new Chairman as reported in the news item ‘MPSC on reformation course”(ST 7th July 2012) is a refreshing bit of information. This is welcome news and has brought a sigh relief to the people of the state who are fed up with the many unsavoury and negative reports about the Commission down the years. This goes to show that putting the right people in place pays can really make a definite change for the better. For so long the Chairman and the Members of the Commission have been chosen because of their political connections and influence thereby sacrificing quality and standards at the cost of the credibility of the Commission. Presently, two of the members are merely retired Branch Managers of Banks with nothing else to pride themselves on but they were rewarded with the post for being close to the political masters. The qualification of the present Chairman with a broad outlook and vast experience in public administration is way beyond that of the present Members of the Commission. Therefore, it is high time that these Members be replaced by sufficiently qualified people who will at least have a reasonable equation in quality and standard with the present Chairman so that the status of the Commission is brought up to the level it is expected to. I am sure that there are no dearth of people in the State provided the Government takes a reasonable and firm decision as it did in the process of selecting the present Chairman. The people are optimistic and are anxiously waiting for such a positive step from the Government in the best interest of public service.

Yours etc.,

C Passah,


 Shortage of small coins


I was shocked to hear the Chairman, SBI openly admitting that the Bank is handing over coins to the traders in Shillong . It is my guess that the so called traders are few and selected which is why we small traders are not given our due share of coins. No wonder Shillong is facing acute shortage of small coins and we small traders have to face the ire of customers everyday when we cannot provide them small coins and offer them candy instead . Who are these traders and why are they hoarding these coins? Is it because they are the distributors of sweets and candy? More importantly since when were they appointed as authorities to take custody of legal tender? SBI should immediately stop this anti-people practice and arrange to dispense small coins through their counters. I also request the Government and RBI to immediately intervene on behalf of all the small traders’ and general public to stop this practice at once.

Yours etc.,

Joydeep Das

Shillong -4

 False allegations

Apropos the allegations by Agnes Kharshiing of the Civil Society Women’s Organisation (ST April 18, 2012) that we the undersigned had made false claim over the land under question in the New Shillong Township we wish to clarify here that we are the real genuine owners of the said land and had never cheated the Government which acquired our land for the new Township at any point of time. We have all the legally valid, complete documents right from the time of our great grand -uncles which are duly recognized by the Syiem and his Dorbar, under the Mylliem Syiemship and even by the Revenue Authority of the State Government. So for publication of this false news item repeatedly, based on incomplete documents as alleged by the so called president CSWO, Agnes Kharshiing and for trying to defame us in the esteemed public eye, we had already filed a FIR against her and others and the same is being registered at Laitumkhrah Police Station as Case No.32( 4 ) 2012 under section 500/34 IPC which is pending investigation as on date.

Yours etc.,

Unikey Kharkongor,

Nearly Kharkongor,


Shillong -3