Tuber Behdeinkhlam fest concludes

The biggest Behdeinkhlam festival in Jaintia Hills celebrated by the Sein Raij Tuber, the largest of all the Sein Raij in Jaintia Hills, concluded at Tuberkmai Shnong village with religious fervour and merriment on Tuesday.

The festival witnessed a colourful display of 62 Rot or Rath at the Aitnar.

All rot were brought by Niamtre faithful from various parts of Jaintia Hills including Khliehtyrshi, Madur, Mupyut near Jowai, Jalaphet from Sutnga and other places.

Members of the Sein Raij Tuber representing different localities of over 26 villages, both young and old, danced to drums beats and other traditional musical instruments while carrying their respective rot.

The last day of the annual Behdeinkhlam festival was witnessed by over ten thousand spectators besides prominent persons of the State including Minister in charge Public Health Engineering, Shitlang Pale, Deputy Speaker, Sanbor Shullai, Jt. Director Art and Culture, R Massar, JHADC Chairman, Obil Kyndiat, JHADC MDCs, Amos Dkhar and MB Rymbai besides other government officials and Sein Raij elders.

Among other important rituals performed on Tuesday was Knia Ryngkaw an oblation to the Goddess who guards over the Raij, perfomed by the Priest or U Longdoh U Riblai assited by religious elders.

Beh Khlam is another symbolic ritual performed early in the morning where hundreds of members of the Sein Raij at Tuber holding sticks (similar to a long fishing rod) run from the West end to the East end of the village beating anything on their way to drive away ‘plague’.

The last two rituals performed before and after immersion of all rots brought to Aitnar were Ka Iatan Bhang which is similar to a Tug-of-war game and Iaslait, similar to wresting, in which two of the strongest man would compete against each other.

The Ka Iatan Bhang is a tug-of-war between a group representing the Phang Nein (North) and the Phangwah (South). It is believed that if the Phang Nein wins the game – the northern part of the Raid Tuber will be more fertile than the south part.

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