The miserable state of affairs of the Muda Parking Lot (Sumo Stand) at Garikhana is a known fact. Apart from being badly managed, the ruined state may be attributed to the numerous sumos being parked which is almost double the actual capacity, all for the purpose of extracting more parking fees. The condition in the peak hours is such that even padestrians are not able to pass through it due to the packed parking. To add to woes, illegal shops have been erected in parts which were supposed to be the foot path. The drainage which was supposed to be covered with grills in now open and is being used as a public dustbin in which huge amount of thrash is dumped on a daily basis and poses a grave risk for people. (INSET) There is a big slab at the entry which is broken and there are regular incidence of cars falling into it at night time when the area remains totally dark. (Photo contributed by Citizen journalist)

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