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Biting more than they can chew


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As many are aware of, there is an unfortunate move by the central government to provincialize all the private schools. In this connection the most affected will be the Catholic Church which is running many well known and big schools both in the cities and rural areas. Judging by the manner government-run schools are functioning in comparison to the efficient Church-run schools, I would say the government is biting more than it chew. Is the government envious of the well run schools by the Churches? Indeed the grass in the neighbour’s garden is greener. Let the government first of all set its house in order, let it ensure the efficiency of its schools before trying to get hold of additional schools. Provincialization of private schools will be the most destructive act the government can commit for we can surmise the end-result of such an act. As we all know, government-run schools are notorious for their haphazard administration, poor discipline, poor quality and highly-paid but low-performing teachers. As someone has rightly remarked, “If you want to ruin our nation let the government take over our schools”. I would say our government is too ambitious. It wants to run when its legs can hardly support its torso. Developed countries in the west can afford to nationalize their schools because they are able, capable and prepared for the responsibility. Is our Indian government prepared or capable of venturing into such a herculean task? In my opinion the government should display its gratitude to the Churches who ensure quality education to our citizens by supporting them rather than be ungrateful and grab away what they have. Do the Church-run schools not deserve government aid when they are actually engaged in nation-building (which is actually the primary duty of the government)? I hope our citizens will ponder on this vital question and come forward with constructive opinions and suggestions.

Yours etc.,

B. Mawrie,

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 MUA govt’s hypocrisy


What was expected to be a landmark and historical enactment against corruption that would set an example to other states was turned into a joke when a toothless anti-corruption law was forced people’s throats. It is a true reflection of the Congress government’s hypocrisy. We ought not to be surprised when the so called representatives we elect along with bureaucrats are themselves guilty of various manipulative politics and graft. They fear that by making holding themselves accountable they would be caught by the Act. And they certainly do not want to be held accountable for any misdeeds in future. I would say hats off to Dr Mukul Sangma’s policy of encouraging corrupt politics.

Yours etc.,

Dominic S. Wankhar


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