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NGO slams Industrial Policy


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By Our Reporter

SHILLONG: The Civil Society Women’s Organisation (CSWO) has slammed the new Industrial Policy of State Government which paves way for leasing out land to mining companies and the likes saying that it was in gross violation of the Land Transfer Act.

“The Government is clearly trying to sell off our lands and allowing industrialists to destroy our lands and exploit us and also make money from all the subsidies and thereby destroying the very existence of the Land Transfer Act,” CSWO president Agnes Kharshiing said in a statement on Sunday.

Kharshiing accused Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma of trying to fool the people by claiming that his Government is trying to bring in a good Industrial Policy.

She also asked the Chief Minister to clarify on what he means by stating that ‘if the land is no longer used for industries, it will be reverted back to the Government’.

“Does he mean to say that when the industries have destroyed the land, forest and the environment and also the water resources, they will be reverted back to the people,” the CSWO president questioned.

According to Kharshiing, the Government cannot lease off land to industrialists who have never brought in any benefit to the State.

“Our State is being exploited of all its mineral resources and in the process even agriculture is suffering a setback. Farmers are forced to buy fertilizers to revitalize the soil. Corporates and industrialists are trying to fleece the people and drive them off their land and those in governance are acting as agents,” she said while adding that the Chief Minister should remember that the Government is of the people and not of the politicians.

“The land in Meghalaya cannot be transferred so easily and this Government is trying to fool the people by pretending to say that they are concerned and are bringing in this policy to safeguard the land. This is all in connivance with industrialists to make more funds before elections,” Kharshiing said.

The CSWO president also urged Chief Secretary WMS Pariat to see that the system of governance is not hijacked and said that it was his duty to protect the Government.

“He (Chief Secretary) should object to frivolous policies that are just a plan to amass wealth and also which are in contravention of the rules and procedures of the Government,” Kharshiing said.

She urged the Police not to sit on FIRs concerning big scams since they are paid to protect the interests of the people and not be on the beck and call of their political masters.

It may be noted that the State Cabinet on Saturday approved the new Meghalaya Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy, 2012 aimed at preventing land alienation and to protect the interest of local entrepreneurs.


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