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Apropos the news item, “Leshka project exposes MeECL incompetence” & “Meghalaya’s power scenario,” (ST January 14 & 15 January 2013), the contention of the report is that MLHEP which has a capacity to generate 126 MW should also produce 126 MW of power. So since it produces only 10 MW, therefore MeECL is incompetent etc. The report reflects total ignorance even of the basics of the power supply system prevailing. Before irresponsibly and hastily criticising the functioning of MeECL, the reporter should have first tried to understand the complexity of scheduling of power generation from each station, ratio of the central share expected and own generation, the changing load pattern during the day and months and not just proceed on the basis of passing comments from some ‘EXPERT’ that Leshka produces only 10MW.

It is true that at present, Leshka produces about 10MW – 14MW daily which corresponds to design generation at this time of the season. It is important to understand that this figure is an average generation throughout the day and it is not the maximum load generated. Leshka generates power between 34-35MW for 8-10 hrs daily, and as per real-time directions from the State Load Despatch Centre (SLDC). During this time of the year, all hydro stations throughout the country generate power only at certain hours of the day (called peak hours) and not throughout the day. It may be noted that this generation is as per design of the power plant and not at all because the plant is sick or unable to produce the full load. It also has to be kept in mind that hydel projects are in fact “peaking stations” which generate the shortage which is to be met after the base load is met by thermal stations, which meet the normal or base requirement which prevails around the year.

The comment that hydel projects are corruption prone while thermal projects are corruption free is a wild comment without basis which does not need to be commented upon.We also would like to remind readers that private players have already been allotted projects in the State since 2007-08, but since planning & execution of a hydro project are extremely complicated, they have not been able to start on ground. The news report has misled the general public hence this clarification for the information of the public in general.

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Public Relations Officer,


 NGOs should be fair


Why is the CSWO and the MRTIM demanding action only against some officials only- that also from ONE department ? Civil society organisations should not be so partisan. If these two organisations deem to represent entire the Meghalaya why are they so partial towards Khasis and Jaintias only. Surely there are some Garos who also deserve mention. They must come out with a full list of these “corrupt and criminal bureaucrats” and publish their names for the benefit of the public. That is if they have the proof. Otherwise their petty, immature squabbling or pronouncements are a pain-anywhere. This is most necessary now because elections are just around the corner.

Yours etc.,

Nesfield Sangma,

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