Election tid-bits

Empty promises

The people of Shillong could not enjoy the joyride in buses and maxi taxis free of cost despite the promises of the District Administration to make the same available on the day of polling. There were hardly any buses or maxis taxis on the street though the Government announced deploying of over 100 vehicles for public use free of cost. The very few that were plying on the streets were the ones brandishing the sticker of ‘On Election Duty’!


There were few cases of voters who could not decide as to which candidate deserved their precious vote. According to reports, a polling booth falling under Nongthymmai witnessed two such youths coming out expressing their desire not to cast votes. An election official said that as there was no option to reject in the EVM, their names will only be registered, but would not be counted.

Mentally Upset

A polling officer near Chokpot was replaced since he could not proceed to the polling station as he was found to be mentally unstable. The CEO, Prashant Naik confirmed this and added that the sick polling officer was replaced.

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