‘Sumer-led Exec Committee in JHADC still enjoys majority’

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 JOWAI: Though a move to replace the JHADC Chief Executive Member (CEM), Lamdibok Sumer is underway, most of the Congress MDCs who are camping with Sumer claimed that the Executive Committee (EC) under his leadership is still in majority.

“We still enjoy majority and the move to replace Lamdibok Sumer by some dissident Congress members will have no effect on the Executive Committee,” said a Congress MDC.

Khliehtyrshi MDC, MB Rymbai had earlier claimed that he has the support of 16 Congress and one Inde-pendent, to topple Sumer.

“Sumer should step down as he has lost the majority,” Rymbai, still claiming support of 17 of the 30 members in the House, said.

According to Rymbai, some of the members are supporting JU Nongrum for the CEM’s post. On asked whether a ‘No Trust Motion’ will be tabled in the House during the Budget Session on Tuesday, Rymbai replied in the negative.

“We don’t need to move a ‘No Trust Motion’, he should step down as he has already lost the majority”, Rymbai said.

Congress MDCs in JHADC have divided into three factions- the Nongrum group, the Rymbai group and the Sumer group.

NGOs condemn move to replace JHADC CEM

Meanwhile, NGOs, in-cluding the All Jaintia Youth Welfare Organisation and the Jaintia Youth Federation, have condemned the move to replace Sumer.

According to AJYWO President, MH Dkhar, frequent moves to replace the CEM will affect not only the Council but also the public.

“Our MDCs should pay more attention to protect the rights and interest of the people,” Dkhar said.

JYF President, P Majaw said, “It seems every MDC wants to be the CEM. We fail to understand as to why our MDCs always fight for the Chair instead of thinking of the people’s welfare.”

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