Extraction of stones, sand from Myntdu river prohibited

From Our Correspondent

JOWAI: The District Magistrate, West Jaintia Hills, has prohibited the removal and collection of sand, stones and other illegal activities from the riverbed and river bank of river Myntdu.

The order was imposed following collection of stones, sand etc. from the river without permission of the authorities by some private parties.

“The illegal activities of such private parties have badly affected the ecological system and environment of the area,” the prohibitory order stated while adding that order shall remain in force until further orders.

River Myntdu, which is the source of water supply in Jowai town, is under threat due to various factors which include continuous extraction and collection sand, stones and boulders from the riverbed.

Large scale washing of cars at Riat-Turiem, along along the Jowai Shillong Road, which is a few hundred meters away from river Myntdu, also adds to the threat.

Few years ago, the JHADC had lodged complaints against such illegal activities. Recently, the Jaintia Tourism Environment Society (JTES) conducted a seminar under the theme ‘Safe River Myntdu’.

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