Now hooliganism by women!


With reference to the news item “5 female cops among six hurt” published in Shillong Times (26.09.13), I condemn the unjustified provocation by the two womens organizations, KWWDA and CSWO in attempting to take out a procession without permission. What was the need for such tactics when their dharna had already gone off peacefully? Such events do nothing more than give a bad name to these organizations when they resort to hooliganism. Is there no decent way to lodge a protest without violence? Why do such groups always resort to violence like spoiled brats when they cannot have their way? Shame on their leaders.

Yours etc.,

Richard Martin Lyngdoh


 Wanted a law against bandhs


We desperately need a law to tackle these daily bandhs. Bandhs must be declared illegal and anybody giving a bandh call should be arrested. If such a law already exists then the Govt should implement it without delay. Or else it must pass a law to ban bandhs. This is the only way to save Meghalaya.


Corbin Laloo



 Who funds agitations?


It is a mystery that NGOs are never starved of funds. Their leaders have lots of cash to throw around and can fund large scale agitations out of their pockets. They lead comfortable lives and their families become more and more prosperous without doing anything much. The prices of food items keep going higher and higher due to collection of illegal taxes. Why isn’t the Government looking into all this?

Yours etc.,

R Marak,


 NGO hypocrisy


It is hypocritical of NGOs to disrupt our lives with bandhs, road blockades and continuous violence and then pretend to be Good Samaritans by changing the timings of bandhs every other day. If they want to prove they care about people then why call bandhs every day? NGOs have taken away our freedom and now they want to rub salt in our wounds with hypocrisy. They claim development and tourism won’t be affected by ILP which is a lie that no one believes. The State is dying a slow death, strangled by NGOs. Tourists have stopped coming here already. The marketplace is full of rumours about trouble brewing here and there. Violence is a daily news item and even ambulances and women are not spared. Social media is being used by NGOs to promote hate. I request Chief Minister to take firm action to restore peace in our beloved State and rid us of troublemakers once and for all. We want peace and harmony among all people.

Yours etc.,

Jeremy Mawlong

Shillong -4

 Pro-ILP movement turns violent


DHARNA is defined as a method in India of obtaining justice, as payment of a debt, by sitting and fasting at the door of the person from whom reparation is sought. It is a peaceful demonstration and non violent. Given the amount of violence unleashed by the members of KWWDA and CSWO at the recent demonstrations it seems the meanings of “dharna” and “Civil” has taken a different colour altogether. It has become scarlet red-the color of blood. Cannot the naive public and not so naive intelligentsia of this great state refuse to be taken in by the shenanigans of the NGOs, the politicians and the pure mischief makers ? We are ruining our own land. We are a small state without resources. Our education level is still low but we are on the way up. Our economy is getting better. Our infrastructure such as roads, institutions, etc is on the ascendancy. By such mindless acts we are aborting development of our land and society. Let us be strong first !

Yours etc.,

Nesfield B Sangma,

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