Govt apathy reason behind defection by cadres: ANVC-B

HILLONG: The ANVC-B has accused the State Government of indulging in partial treatment of its cadres, stating that most of its cadres are joining new organizations since the Government is sidelining the ANVC-B while providing all support to ANVC.

In a statement issued here on Monday, ANVC-B leader Doang D Shira said that after signing of the Peace Pact, ANVC-B cadres had come over ground but never received any support from the Government.

“Dr Mukul Sangma invited us to be part of the peace pact which we now see as a political ploy. Our response for peace is seen by the Government as a way to corner us,” the ANVC-B leader said, adding, “We came forward for peace but the Government’s failure to provide support and packages have disheartened our cadres.”

The ANVC-B claimed that Mithun M Sangma, who was recently arrested from Borsora, is one such deserter who had left the organisation on September 5 taking away two weapons.

Doang stated that the ANVC-B has restricted its cadres from collecting taxes which has turned many cadres desperate since there is no alternative means to sustain their camps.

“Looking at how the Government has failed in bringing peace to Garo Hills, the ANVC-B is determined to find a way to sustain and keep the cadres under its fold,” the statement said, while adding, “the outfit cannot remain mute spectators while their cadres turn rebels again.”

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