All peace settlements to be under ambit of ANVC: CM

‘GNLA can join peace process’

SHILLONG: Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma has said that the GNLA can also be part of the agreed text settlement if they agree to come under the ambit of their parent organisation, the ANVC.

“We would not have any problem to give the GNLA the opportunities to derive the benefits of the agreed text settlement. But they have to agree to come under the ambit of the ANVC,” Dr Sangma said while addressing newsmen here on Tuesday.

He said that even the ANVC (B) was to be signatory of the draft peace pact after they have agreed to come under the ambit of the ANVC.

“If you have to initiate the whole peace agreement from the beginning separately for each one of them, then there will be no end logically and practically. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the government to have a pragmatic policy which would bring all breakaway groups under the ANVC,” the Chief Minister said.

When the ANVC (B) came on board in 2011, the interlocutor was asked to convey the intent of the Government in the correct perspective so that they will know that the ANVC chairman Rimpu R Marak will sign the agreement on behalf of the deserter groups, but within the banner of ANVC.

“We have taken a stand that for all interpretation they will only consider them as part of ANVC and not ANVC (B) for technical reasons and to ensure that they do not need to initiate a new peace agreement,” he said.

When asked if the ANVC (B) is sincere enough about the agreement signed with the Government especially after a huge cache of arms and ammunition were seized from them, he said that necessary direction has been given by the government to ensure that the leadership of all the breakaway groups (from ANVC) should be given the responsibility of managing and disciplining all their cadres.

“In our review meeting, we have decided that major decisions will be taken by the political department to pass the message to the other deserter groups to join the peace process. At the end of the day, this peace process will actually give us results which are commensurate to the expectations of the common citizen of the State,” the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister also said that he wanted to reaffirm that the government is committed through its various agencies to do all that is necessary within the mandate of the law to maintain law and order to ensure the safety and security of the people.

“If anybody indulges in criminal activities and breaches the law, the police and district administration will enforce the provisions of law,” he said.

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