Job scam or misleading the public?


This is to clear the doubts of the public who read about the so called JOB SCAM in the appointment of the 49 candidates in Agriculture Department. Firstly, many applicants which also included the gold medalists should have prioritized their duties in providing their documents (viz.pass certificates from their institutes & other required documents) at the time of submission which was one of the basic criteria as informed to them days ahead in their call letter. However, due to their slackness and casual attitude, these very candidates could not produce their certificates at the hour of requirement-as they had underestimated the system of MPSC. Secondly, many amongst the candidates belonged to a certain class whose predecessors are or were serving in the concerned department. So when MPSC conducted this test, and if they have decided to put up the name of candidates on the list based on the competence and merit, I see no wrong in not appointing the overconfident candidates who see these posts as their entitlement. Many who are on the list do not have antecedents in the concerned department. So MPSC has been very fair to not allow this sort of procedure to be adopted. Finally, as to the question of quota, let us ask ourselves, if a student is desirous to pursue studies in the medical field without quota, but has the passion for the subject, shouldn’t he/she pursue it as well? Is there some rule that only quota supported students or those with a granddaddy in any department, including Agriculture Department be entitled for government posts?

So clearly MPSC did it’s best to not look at the candidates on a personal level but have based their selection solely on their competency and conduct.

Yours etc.,

T. Khongsngi


Chaos and din



Media bashing is now the latest theme or concern. General V.K.Singh made a most imprudent and profane remark, and then it started. TV anchors, panelists all joined to the fray to bludgeon General V.K.Singh who was not present to defend himself or his views. Only his spokesman who looked quite inept to defend him started nervously and gathered his wits to look cocky. Vinod Mehta a veteran journalist spoke sense but what was palpable was his hurt at the term used by General Singh. What I find totally reprehensible about Indian polity is slander, public tarnishing of people and an abysmal lack of ignorance about healthy debate and giving some deference to another’s point of view. All that we hear in public debates in the media is vilification and shouting ( read) screaming matches. Why blame Parliament alone? Many of them appear in these public debates and excel in slander and mudslinging. Does discussion or shouting warrant such raucousness and unseemly behaviour ? Shouting, screaming and pointing fingers are the order of the day. Everyone looks so angry, there is no sight of any dispassion, let alone solution.

My point is that the General’s remark was in bad taste, but the media should also do some introspection about the effect and impact their stories may have on the public. The marching of the army in January 2013 has been attempted as an attempted coup. What is there to validate this? Also does it not cast a slur on the Indian Army which has remained the loyalist throughout? The fact that the venerable General was having a ‘ tiff ‘ with the powers to be was construed as disaffection. The General of course promptly joined and became a member of the leading opposition pary. Does that not put a cloud to his motives as well?

Indian society is going pell mell, some of the shouting TV shows called ‘ Fights ‘ or otherwise show the same people again and again. These are political fights, each representing his or her political views, there is no or hardly any attempt to see a holistic view or an overview. There is no mention of education, or the tireless striving of some people silently doing social or developmental work. Yes, one sees a Medha Patkar one notices unmistakable a rational and quiet mind, not easliy taken to needless subversion.

I have tried many times to get opinions which are honest or clear, but the chaos and the din subsumes everything else.The result is confusion- confounded, and of course a splitting headache!

Yours etc.,

Ananya S Guha,

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