KSU, FKJGP apprehends 183 migrant workers

NONGSTOIN: Members of the KSU (Nongstoin Circle) and FKJGP (Nongstoin Circle) apprehended 183 migrant workers at Nongstoin on Tuesday night.
These migrant workers were on their way to their respective home towns from Kulang in South West Khasi Hills District. Out of them, 77 were domiciles from Nepal while the rest were from Assam.
All of them were coal labourers at Kulang and were on their way home, in an attempt to escape from the communal clashes in the area that had broke out since early this month between the Garos and the Lyngngam people of the area.
After ascertaining their identity details, they were all handed over to Nongstoin Police Station authorities for security reasons. The Nongstoin police authorities escorted the migrants to the nearest Assam border at Hahim on Wednesday morning to ensure they were not harassed along the way.

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