Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Cut the slack Urban Affairs Dept!

The pedestrianised road laid with expensive tiles starting from the Police Point down to the Umsohsun Junction is very crowded on any given day. The purpose of tiling it is to allow pedestrians to walk and shop around without needing to steer clear of vehicles. That is one single place for pedestrians but some people won’t let that happen because the law simply does not work here. Those who claim to have homes inside this commercial complex assert that they need to bring in and bring out their cars. Well, they should be told that their vehicles cannot be allowed free movement at any time of the day because pedestrians have their rights too! On Saturday, the lane was choc-a-bloc with people yet some scooters and cars passed that way creating nuisance for passers-by. Why is the Urban Affairs Dept so weak and incompetent in implementing some of its basic laws which are for the public good? That stretch of lane is already congested with hawkers who peddle their goods for want of an alternative place. In the middle of this sea of humanity come arrogant car owners who cannot walk a few steps to the car park. This has got to stop and citizens need to approach the courts for their rights!

Lets drum our way to health!

Inspired by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s drum beating exercise in Japan some drum enthusiasts have done some primary research into the health benefits of drum beating. This post says: Drums like Dhol, Khol and Tabla have been played in our society from ancient times. Gradually these have been introduced in spiritual, social and cultural programmes. Drums help us get a deeper awareness about ourselves. Drum rhythms have a number of physiological effects on the body and alters our state of consciousness. The rhythms act as a sonic driver creating a shift in the brain rhythms. Drumming synchronises the brain functions and gets the left and right side of the brain working more harmoniously together, thereby creating a relaxed and happy feeling. Drumming also helps people express themselves in non-verbal ways. Some adults find it hard to express themselves creatively and passionately. Drumming helps that expression through rhythm. Disabled people, it is learnt express themselves better through drumming. Drumming is also good for health. During normal exercise and walking we are unable to exercise the upper parts of our body. Playing the drums exercises those parts. Drumming apparently helps beat depression, addiction and anxieties and also helps management of pain, blood pressure, immune function. Playing the drum regularly can also help clear blockage in the heart. So let’s keep a drum and start drumming, Modi style.

(Courtesy: Rajib Sutradhar)


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