Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Stoned cops and renegade coal miners


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The stoning of the Superintendent of Police, his deputy and a magistrate by a mob of MIPRL rowdies in East Jaintia Hills is a matter of great shame to the entire police force. Hopefully it will act as an eye-opener to the district administration. The casual way in which the Govt. has treated the MIPRL threat (and every other threat from renegade groups) makes them deserve some humiliation, if only to teach ignorant bureaucrats and policemen a well-deserved lesson. Perhaps they will now stop treating hooligans with kids gloves at the behest of mafia politicians. If the police did their duty in a conscientious manner instead of trying to placate NGO rowdies and killer gangs like ANVC, GNLA, etc, we wouldn’t have problems of militancy and gangs like MIPRL holding the State to ransom every month of the year. As an outstation student, I would think twice before returning to a Meghalaya ruled by mobs and militants where policemen are simply an eyesore and nothing more. Majority of students and people working in other states think the same way as I do.

Yours etc.

Cheryl Nongkhlaw

Koramangala, Bangalore.

What’s wrong with dreaming?


`Dreamers’ paradise’? This is an answer to the letter written by Jenniefer Dkhar (ST Sep 16, 2014). You see, our Chief Minister dares to dream and kudos to him. One should dream and work hard in realizing that dream. Why should he/she be compared to Mungerilal. `Mungerilal ke haseen sapne’ is only a tele-series which should not be taken seriously. We should take the Chief Minister’s dream seriously for he only thinks of development of our state Meghalaya and that’s good. Personally, I long to see the overall development of not only our State but also our country. Times square, we are waiting! If America can do it, so can we.

Yours etc.,

Forment Rajee


Takes courage to walk alone!


I re-read the article, “Do I love less because I refuse to hate written by H.H. Mohrmen. Yes, Mohrmen listened to his conscience, decided to take a stand and acted accordingly. Sad to say, such incidents occur frequently and everywhere. But Mohrmen perhaps goes by the saying, “He who does not punish evil commands it to be done” (Leonardo Di Vinci). Sorry to say that many people in Jowai are harnessed by extreme belief and superstation. Recently, I got into serious trouble when I did not yield to such things and took a stand in accordance with reason and loving understanding and I refused to hate. As a consequence, I have been ostracized by my very own. “Ka sang” is eating away the very viscera of the town and hinders social progress.

Your etc.,

P.K. Lakiang


Civil servants with bloated egos!


It is very unfortunate to learn that a State Civil Service Officer (ST, Sept 18, 2014) disallows visitors after 2 PM. This is an uncalled for action from a civil servant. This sort of uncouth behavior is not perhaps an isolated one. This writer has come across many instances where State Govt officers prohibit entrance after 2 pm or 3 pm etc. Now, we request the Chief Secretary to kindly clarify, whether a State Govt. officer has the power to make a law for himself. If, no then why should strict action not be taken against those defaulters.

Those officers who forget that they are nothing but public servants and behave as supermen and women and demonstrate the British Raj mentality should be either demoted from their rank or removed from public service because their mentality is not to serve the people and society. Therefore the ACRs of higher ranking officers should not be written only by the department head but must allow comments from the general public as well. We need very quick and urgent change in public administration.

Your etc.,

R.K. Hadu


West Khasi Hills

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