AAP State unit ready for revival

SHILLONG: The landslide victory of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the Delhi Assembly elections has instilled a new lease of life in the State unit of the party which is now gearing up to revive itself not only in Meghalaya but also across the entire North East region, while the BJP State unit is yet to recover from the shock of the defeat. The Congress, on the other hand, is hoping for resurgence very soon.
“It is a great victory for the party and it has given us new life to enable us to spread across the North East,” Meghalaya AAP Chief Coordination Amos Kharshiing said on Tuesday.
Stating that the party members were engaged in coordination in the entire region, Kharshiing asserted that the party would now go for massive enrollment in the State.
BJP Meghalaya General Secretary Dipayan Chakraborty admitted that it was an unexpected verdict and added the party leadership in New Delhi would analyze the cause of the defeat.
“Our party is cadre-based and we will recover very well,” he said, while adding that the BJP has to accept the mandate of the people.
Senior State Congress leader Deborah Marak asserted that the party was going through a bad phase but assured that it would overcome all challenges.
According to Marak, a deep introspection is required to assess the cause of the party’s performance and added that ups and downs are part of politics and even the BJP was in bad shape a few years back.
Congress Minister AL Hek observed that the Delhi Assembly poll results were an indication of the people’s desire for change.
He, however, dismissed queries on changes in the Congress leadership, and added that Rahul should continue to lead the party.

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