Tura contractor, 4 GNLA arrested

Tura: A Tura-based contracter has been arrested along with four GNLA members for paying extortion money to the banned outfit on Thursday afternoon.
A police team swooped down on a money transfer deal between contractor Gaurav Harlalkar and a group of GNLA workers in the Tura super market Area and picked them up.
All four were caught while accepting the delivery of extortion money from a contractor. The four militants have been identified as  Niti.G Momin,(35) of chokpot, Butherson N Sangma (34) of Chokpot, Elphison D Sangma, (42) of Kherapara and Tomen Ch Marak (45) of Deku village. Police seized Rs 2 Lakh belonging to the contractor Gaurav Harlalkar and also arrested him.

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