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“Long live the Hynñiewtrephynñiewskum!”


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May 30, 2015 will remain a historic day in the history of the Khun Hynñiewtrephynñiewskum. On that day people came out in strength not for a political reason but for defending their identity and integrity. It is a gathering for survival of the community. Self defence is our basic human right and as of today the Hynñiewtrep community is under threat of destruction by external forces and so this mighty assembly is a manifestation that we are determined to defend ourselves and our cultural tradition. The attack on the age-old institution of the Rangbah-shnong and dorbar-shnong is an attack on the Hynñiewtrep community itself for culture and tradition are an inalienable part of ourselves. Take away culture and what remains of a human person is animal existence. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that any attack on a traditional institution which has stood the test of time, is equivalent to an attack on the person of the community itself. Hence it is the right and duty of that community to come out in self defence. “Vox populi vox dei est” (voice of the people is the voice of God) as they say in ancient Rome, can be justly applied to our situation today. The mammoth crowd which converged at Polo grounds in defence of its tradition can be no less than the voice of God himself crying out against oppression. We have witnessed from time to time tribal communities being marginalized and oppressed in different parts of our country. Some of them have been driven almost to the point of extinction. Mega projects for the benefit of people in power are being constructed at the cost of tribal existence. Laws have been tampered with in order to facilitate the rich and powerful to alienate the land of the tribal people. The Hynñiewtrep people do not want such a similar fate to befall them. The Hynñiewtrep have been a free people for thousands of years, living in a hard earned land, possessing a beautiful culture, led by wise customs and traditions. At no point of time in history will they sacrifice their community values for whatever reason. It is unfortunate that there are turncoats within the community itself who for personal gain are ready to sacrifice the life of the entire community. This has never happened in the past because the Hynñiewtrep community is a value-based and highly altruistic community. I hope this gathering of strength will bear the expected fruit in the life of the Hynñiewtrep community. Hoi Kiw!

Yours etc,,

Barnes Mawrie


Balanced journalism


I am very impressed with the article of Patricia Mukhim ( ST Dt. 29/05/2015) when she admitted her fault in publishing news on bandhs, road blockades, etc. in this esteemed daily in the past which has contributed partially to the effectiveness of such destructive programmes called by anti-social elements which have been detrimental to the peace, tranquility and progress of this Hill State. I also must disclose here that this is the only newspaper in Shillong which has been providing balanced and impartial news and views to the readers. I have tried on several occasions to write to the vernacular dailies expressing my views against the pressure groups and against agitations that disturb the lives and liberty of the citizens , but to my dismay such letters never got published. Only those letters that are against the government and government officials are published very promptly. I must congratulate the Shillong Times especially for having the guts of calling a spade a spade. You may have to come across unpleasant comments against your stand, but never mind every rose has its thorns. Yours etc., Badaplang Kharkongor, Shillong-2


What a relief !


On reading your esteemed daily (ST May 28, 2015) on the order of the Hon’ble High Court banning publication of announcements on bandhs office picketing and other acts by any group that infringes on the rights and liberty of the citizens, I for one am able to take a deep breath after long period of suffocation of reading morning news about the law and order situation in this beautiful hill station. The people of Meghalaya are fortunate to have the Court of law that is the last hope for our lives and liberty and for the future of the state, otherwise, if left to this spineless government, the innocent, law abiding, hard working and peace loving citizens would in no time be swamped and trampled by the crooked, power hungry elements, trouble mongers, law breaking cronies who dominate the streets of Shillong and create terror everywhere. I hope the mistakenly called NGOs of Meghalaya will now realize that they can no longer take us for a ride. They should now start to repent for the sins they have committed and start earning their livelihood by decent and hard work. Once again thank God for this grace.

Yours etc.,

Khrawbok Lyngdoh,



Shillong roads abominable!


This is to air the woes of people living in ‘Shillong City” with roads that are back-breaking. The management of roads in Shillong is abominable. There are speed breakers with no clear markings, as a result of which there are road mishaps. Is this the way a city which is the capital of Meghalaya should look? Is the PWD too blind to notice what is happening with roads in Shillong? Who will hold them accountable? At least have some pity especially for old people driving in the evening or late night hours. Forget about places outside of Shillong! They are not even motorable! Is this why we have a Government?

Yours etc.,

Nika Tariang

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