Fans sent death threats to Jim Carrey’s girlfriend family

Fans accused Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend Cathriona White’s family for her death. The hateful letters were sent to her family by the fans, who blamed relatives for her demise after it emerged the Irish make-up artist had an argument with her mother before committing suicide last year, reported a website. But the real reason behind her death only came out when letters from White, who was just 28 when she died, were revealed last month in which she had mentioned about feelings of hopelessness following her break-up with Carrey. “We’ve had a terrible few months since Cathriona’s death. There’s been death threats and angry letters,” Cathriona’s stepfather Brian Sweetman said and they felt “huge relief” that letters were released. “We’re just glad it’s reached a conclusion and that the truth has finally come out,” he added. (PTI)

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