‘B’wood is going through a tough time’

Filmmaker Farah Khan,         who is known for         making several big budget films, says Bollywood is going through a tough time. ‘Bollywood is going through a really tough time. The kind of taxes that are put on a Bollywood movie is crazy. Hollywood movies come here but their taxation is half of ours. They are not taxed as we are,’ Farah told. ‘It has become very expensive to make a movie and now everyone wants to watch on phone. That’s going to be the future. Also, half of the money the government takes, so it is becoming difficult,’ she added. However, this phase in Bollywood doesn’t scare her as a filmmaker. ‘It doesn’t scare me but the government have to figure out a way to control it. It’s the budget that’s wrong, especially the small budget movie that you have to worry about,’ she said. The latest to heighten concern in the whole industry was Disney India, that owns UTV Motion Pictures, reportedly deciding to draw the curtains on its Hindi film production business. (IANS)

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