MPSC rejoinder


This refers to your news items (1) ST 17th June,2016, (2) ST 10th September 2016, (3)  ST 7thOctober,2016, (4) ST 25thOctober,2016, (5) ST 16th November,2016 (6) ST 18th November,2016. The MPSC is of the view that it is indeed the duty of the news agency to report an order passed by the Hon’ble Courts but it is unprofessional and irresponsible on the part of the news agency to add vicious comments in its news item and headlines which have not been reflected on the actual orders passed by such courts. It is also the duty of a responsible news agency to report news on any subject by taking into account the views of both parties without being biased especially when the news item involves a case that is being heard in a court of law.

It is extremely unfortunate that your esteemed daily which has been in the business of providing news and enlightening the public not only in Meghalaya but the entire North Eastern Region for the past 71 years has regretfully not included in its news item the views of both the parties resulting in the MPSC being portrayed in poor light.

With the greatest respect for the freedom of the press in a great democracy like India, I request not only this newspaper but other news agencies as well to refrain from playing judge and defaming the MPSC without prima facie evidence but to leave the passing of judgments to the courts. If any clarification is needed on any news item relating to the MPSC the undersigned will be most willing to answer all the queries and clearing

Yours etc.,

  1. M. Sangma),Chairman,

Meghalaya Public Service Commission,



Our Reporter replies:

The reports were based on the Court’s orders. Newspapers have their way of captioning stories hence the MPSC appears to be unduly perturbed without understanding the journalistic liberty in handling news reports.  No report is a verbatim re- production of either the Court’s orders or other documents and news conferences. We in the media analyse the news and contextualize it. MPSC should instead introspect and revamp its functioning to avoid bad press. You will admit that the MPSC has not clothed itself in glory all these years; hence the court cases.

Whither patriotism?


During  World War – II it was said that Winston  Churchill appealed   to  the  public  of  Britain  not  to  buy  eggs  as  these  are  required  to  be  sent  to  soldiers  fighting a  war  for the  country . Shortage  of  eggs  was  the  reason  for this appeal.  Immediately  there  were  long  queues  outside  the  shops  of  Britain , not  for  buying  eggs  , but  to return   the  eggs already  purchased  and lying in  their homes.   What  was  the  main  trigger here? Unalloyed  love  for  the  country !  I am  not  comparing  this  with the  recent  demonetization  of  currency  notes  by  the  Government of  India .  Surrender  of old  currency  notes  cannot  be  compared  with  returning  eggs , but  the  real question to be asked in this context  is whether we  really  love  our  country. Forget  the  issue  of  black money, fake currency etc., but  did  we  all  react  positively  when  anti-India slogans  were  shouted  in  JNU? Do  we  really  condemn  Dr Zakir  Naik , who  is anti Indian ?  Patriotism  is  now  a  critical issue in India. The liberal elite seem to think that it’s not fashionable to be patriotic. Anti Indian  activities  are  supported  openly  by  our  pseudo –intellectuals. On the  contrary  these  intellectuals  are live on Television channels to  pass  judgment on the  depths  of  patriotism  of  others. What  a  mockery ! This is the  evil  of democracy. But whatever democracy  really  means, no one  should  keep silent when the country is being insulted.

Yours etc.,

Anjan Kr Das

Shillong- 6

Demonetization a dire need!

This refers to your editorial, “Will it check black money” (ST, Nov 18, 2016). The media is full of reports about serpentine queues outside banks. Demonetization of  500 and 1000 rupee notes has some benefits, but it cannot stem the flow of unaccounted income to be generated in the future. The markets for gold and property are highly concentrated, with relatively few sellers exerting considerable control over supply. Nonetheless, demonetization of the two currencies by the Government of the day will help to tackle the triple menace of black money, fake currency and terror financing. Black money and corruption are the biggest obstacles in eradicating poverty.  When the quantum of black money was so enormous that it had created a parallel economy, making monetary policy ineffective, the Government’s effort is commendable.
Yours etc.,
Vinod C. Dixit
Ahmedabad- 15

IDS: A successful scheme


Thanks to FM Arun Jaitley and his team at the Finance Ministry for the “hard work” resulting in the successful outcome of IDS-2016 as it managed to mop up Rs 65,250 crore. Undoubtedly, The Income Tax Department carried out massive campaigns in the past four months to convince ‘tax payers’ to come forward and declare undisclosed incomes under the Income Declaration Scheme (IDS). The ‘success’ of the IDS would lead to greater tax compliance and provide much needed revenue for the government to spend on infrastructure and social and rural economy. This is a major step towards reigning in the ‘parallel economy’ of the country and merging it with the mainstream. With the deadline over now, it is time for ‘final crackdown’ on persistent tax evaders, which is necessary to send a signal to the honest taxpayer that the government will ‘walk the talk’ on tough action on the guilty. Ferreting out black money is not an insuperable task. The revisiting of bilateral investment treaties, as part of a global crackdown on tax havens, will help.

Yours etc.,

Akash Kumar,

Jagraon, Punjab

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