Guv denies molestation charge; Cops approach govt

SHILLONG: A day after a section of the media reported about an alleged molestation case involving Meghalaya Governor V. Shanmuganathan and a job aspirant, the Governor denied the allegations and said there could be vested interests behind this.
However, police referred the matter to the Government besides seeking legal opinion.
As per the media report, the victim alleged that the Governor had a personal interview with her on the night of December 8 for the post of public relations officer and made “inappropriate advances” after he personally called her to attend the interview.  What irked the victim was the alleged ‘unprofessional and unfriendly’ behaviour of the Governor. She was one of the seven candidates selected for the personal interview.
When asked if he met the candidates separately or in a group, the Governor admitted that he met some candidates separately as well as in a group.
But he denied calling one of the candidates from a personal number and asking her to come after 6pm. “I wanted to meet them (the job aspirants) before finalising the candidates and they all came.
Everyone was there for half an hour. I have got great respect for everyone. I have not done anything wrong,” he said.
Shanmuganathan also rebutted the allegations that he made physical overtures or inappropriately complemented the girl.
“No it is not right… all these things are not right… we have selected only one person and some people were not selected and because they were not selected they should not say all these things,” the Governor said.
Though the victim has not filed any FIR, when contacted, DGP SB Singh told the media that the matter was referred to the Government and legal opinion is being sought.
The Meghalaya Women’s Commission has not received any complaints from any quarters.
The Governor, who spoke to the media in a tele-conference on Tuesday said though the interview was conducted in the past for the job, he did not do anything wrong. “They are like my daughters and granddaughters,” he said.
Shanmuganathan said Raj Bhavan did conduct an interview in the first week of December that was arranged by the Secretary and the DIPR.
When asked where he met the candidates, Shanmuganathan said he met them in the office and in a sitting room (piano room) in the presence of some people. Though he could not recollect at what time the meeting took place, the Governor said he met them in the morning and in the evening.
On whether the Raj Bhavan staff was present during the meeting, he said somebody was there and if not, then they might have gone out to take tea.
Asked if he was open to inquiry, the Governor said, “I am in Arunachal (Pradesh). So I have to come to Shillong and think about it but I am honest. I respect everyone.”
The Governor will be in Shillong after two days.

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