Bizarre traffic routes



On returning home to Shillong after the winter break I was baffled by the new traffic arrangements around Don Bosco Square. It seems that every new incumbent entrusted with traffic management in the city has strange plans about regulating traffic, especially in Laitumkhrah, thereby throwing the earlier system totally out of gear and creating utter chaos.

The present change in routes, resorted to on a trial basis, is not at all an improvement on what existed prior to the change. In fact, it’s chaotic. Going down Jacob’s Ladder & Loreto Convent, and coming up by the Shillong College & Stephen’s Hall way ( one way on all these routes ) will perhaps make better & safer sense.

I would request all concerned to review the above, and bring about sanity in traffic management.

Yours etc.,

Mohitosh Chakravarty,

Shillong -3


Plight of  Nongstoin bank customers


Last Monday I went to Nongstoin for personal matters and boarded a taxi from Nonbah (New Nongstoin) to Urkali (a locality near Nongstoin Civil Hospital). The driver charged me Rs.150.  I paid the him with a 2000 rupee note since I had no change. The driver too did not have change and therefore could not return the balance. He tried his best to get change from other drivers and nearby shops but failed. I told him to keep the 2000 rupee note and return the balance to me after two hours when I return to Nonbah.  Meanwhile, I noted down his mobile and taxi numbers. On my return to Nonbah after two and a half hours, I met the driver but he still could not get change. So I told him to note down my phone number and give me back the 2000 rupee note so that I could get change from the bank.   I first approached the Nongstoin branch of the Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank (MCAB), then the Meghalaya Rural Bank and also the State Bank of India  but none of them could give me change. They told me they had very little notes of smaller denominations and that would not suffice even for the customers who were queuing before me. Finally, I met an old friend who readily gave me change and so I could pay off the driver.


In all the banks I visited I noticed that customers were waiting in an unending queue waiting to draw cash or to get change for their 2000 rupee notes. When asked many of them told me that at Nongstoin people are facing much hardship in getting smaller denominations even till date. Even the bankers are telling them that their head offices cannot provide them with the much needed smaller denomination notes despite repeated requests. Moreover, very few bank employees were seen at the bank branches to serve the heavy rush of customers. Even those who were at the counters were very slow in dispensing services to customers which added to their (customers’) woes. I appeal to the MCAB, MRB and SBI bosses at the Head offices in Shillong, to immediately address the plight of the people of Nongstoin and perhaps in other district headquarters too.

Yours etc.,

Philip Marwein,

Via email  

Justice still prevails!

This refers to your editorial “SC ousts Sasikala” (ST- Feb 16, 2017). Expressing deep concern about the escalating corruption in society, Justice Roy has rightly observed that Sasikala’s case was ‘startling’ in the way corruption was carried out by the accused persons with sheer impunity. The judgment proves India’s willingness to nip off the menace of corruption. Such judgment deepens our belief in the judiciary and assures that ”justice will prevail.” At last the SC has restored the peoples’ faith in democracy. The delay of 8 months, in delivering the judgment, referred to in the opinion, is an important contributor to the fluid political climate. Everyone was aware that Sasikala has wealth disproportionate to her income. It seems AIADMK is now dead and cannot rise up in Tamilnadu. Considering the huge amount of money being used for personal purposes Sasikala’s case has some serious implications and since it is not handled expeditiously, sets a wrong precedent. She has never contested any election and directly wanted to be CM. She has thrown Jayalatitha’s loyalist OPS out of the party and included her own family members. This clearly shows her nepotism and her desire to capture the AIDMK party and rule over it. Corruption in high places is a malaise that is easy to diagnose but difficult to cure.
Yours etc.,
Vinod C. Dixit
Ahmedabad – 15


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